Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Creating Relationship Reports in RootsMagic 6

I've been experimenting with Relationship Charts in RootsMagic 6 since Sholom asked the question about them in the Wish List for Legacy Family Tree 8 post last week.

RootsMagic 6 can make a Relationship Chart for the closest common ancestors, but I don't think it can do the up-down-up-down chart that Sholom wanted, and I don't think that it will do multiple lines.  I think it does the closest common ancestor.

Here is the process:

1)  Click on the "Reports" menu link and click on "Lists."  Then select "All Reports" and select "Relationship Chart" from the list:

2)  That opens the "Report Settings" menu for the "Relationship Chart" and I selected two people in my database - Thomas Hale (1575-1630) and myself.  I added a Title, and checked several boxes, and edited the "Box style" also:

3)  When I was satisfied with the results, I clicked on "Generate Report" button and saw (3 screens):

There was a fourth screen with me on it.  So Thomas Hale is a direct-line ancestor of me - an 11th great-grandfather.

4)  I wondered if my parents were related to each other, so I put them in the selection fields and saw (two screens, some missing between them):

My mother and my father were 7th cousins, with Timothy and Melatiah (Clark) Hamant of Medfield, Massachusetts as the common ancestor.

5)  So that's how to create a Relationship Chart in RootsMagic 6.

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