Thursday, June 20, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - 1840 U.S. Census Record for Jonathan Oatley Household

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the 1840 United States Census record for Jonathan Oatley (one of my 3rd great-grandfathers) in Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut:

The Jonathan Oatley household information:

The extracted information for the Jonathan Oatley household (with my educated guess as to the names of the family members, assuming that they are all from the Jonathan Oatley family):

*  Male, aged 10 to 15 [son, Benedict (born 1825)]
*  Male, aged 10 to 15 [son, Jonathan (born 1828)]
*  Male, aged 15 to 20 [son, either Lorenzo (born 1821) or Stephen (born 1822)]
*  Male, aged 15 to 20 [son, William (born 1824)]
*  Male, aged 20 to 30 [son, either John (born 1815) or Joseph (born 1816)]
*  Male, aged 40 to 50 [husband, Jonathan, born 1790)]
*  Female, aged 0 to 5 [daughter, Olive (born 1836)]
*  Female, aged 5 to 10 [daughter, Hannah (born 1832)]
*  Female, aged 5 to 10 [daughter, Mary (born 1831)]
*  Female, aged 10 to 15 [daughter, Amy (born 1826)]
*  Female, aged 20 to 30 [daughter, either Almira (born 1817) or Nancy (born 1818)]
*  Female, aged 40 to 50  [wife, Amy, born 1797)]

There are 12 living children for the Jonathan and Amy (Champlin) Oatley family in 1840, but several had married before 1840 (John, Joseph and Nancy) and may have their own entry in the 1840 census.  

The source citation for this entry (census date 1 June 1840) is:

1840 United States Federal Census, Windham County, Connecticut, population schedule, Killingly town; Page 165 (penned), Jonathan Oatley household, digital image, (; citing National Archives Microfilm Publication M704, Roll 32.

Some readers may wonder "why post pre-1850 U.S. census records - you can't be sure who is in the household."  That's true, but it can still provide some clues to the age of the head of household, and tracking a household through the years may indicate family additions or subtractions, plus narrowing the location of the residence by using the neighbors.  This is especially useful for same-name problems in a community.

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