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Creating a Source Citation for an Online Newspaper Image in Family Tree Maker 2012 - UPDATED!

This post is about creating a source citation for an online newspaper page image using the source templates in Family Tree Maker 2012.  I have already crafted source citations for this record type in RootsMagic 6 and Legacy Family Tree 7.5 - see Creating a Source Citation for an Online Newspaper Collection in Legacy Family Tree 7.5 - UPDATED.

For this study, I chose an obituary for my grandfather, Frederick W. Seaver, from which was found on a newspaper page image.

UPDATED 12 July 2013:  I erred on the "Citaton Detail" in the original post by omitting the date on the newspaper.  FTM 2012 does not provide a field for information to include in a "Citation Detail."  I just overlooked this small, important, detail!  Thank you to reader Geolover for gently pointing it out in comments.

1)  Here is the page image found by an search:

The obituary is from the Fitchburg (Mass.) Sentinel newspaper, dated 13 March 1942, on page 9, in the "Deaths" section, and headed "Frederick W. Seaver."

2)  In Family Tree Maker 2012, in the "People" Workspace and the "Family" View, I clicked on Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) to bring up his "Individual & Shared Facts" screen, then clicked on the "Death" Fact, and then on the "Sources" Tab, and the "New" button and selected the "Add a New Source" item.  This opened the "Add Source Citation " screen.  I clicked on the "New" button (so that I could select a source template) and then the "More" button to open the "Select source Template" menu:

 On the "Select Source template" menu, the "Publications: Periodicals, Broadcasts, and Web Miscellanea" seemed the most appropriate "source group," and in the dropdown list for "Category" I selected "Periodicals."  In the dropdown list for "Template," I chose "Newspaper Article - Online Archive (by Newspaper name" item.

3)  The "Edit Source" screen opened so that I could add information to the data fields:

I named the "Source template," then entered data for the other fields consistent with the information provided by  There was no field to indicate the "Online Archive" name (i./e.,, so I put it in the "Item format" field.

4)  After adding the content on the screen above, I clicked on the "OK" button, and the "Add Source citation" screen opened (updated):

I added information to the "Citation detail" field, including the article title, the type of article, the page number, the column number and the access date.

5)  After completing the screen above, and going back and forth editing fields to make it as accurate as I could, I clicked on the "OK" button.

Here is the "Reference Note" tab on the "Add Source" screen (updated):

After editing, the source citation ("Reference Note") in Family Tree Maker 2012 looks like this (updated 12 July 2013):

"Deaths: Frederick W. Seaver," obituary, 13 March 1942, page 9, column 2 (accessed 6 November 2006), Fitchburg (Mass.) Sentinel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, digital image, (

For some reason, the FTM 2012 source template puts the "Citation Detail" ahead of the source title.

6)  For comparison purposes, the source citation crafted using the RootsMagic 6 source template was:

"Deaths: Frederick W. Seaver," obituary, Fitchburg (Mass.) Sentinel, 13 March 1942, page 9, column 2; digital image, ( : accessed 17 November 2006).

And for the same obituary source citation crafted using the Legacy Family Tree 7.5 source template:

"Deaths: Frederick W. Seaver," Fitchburg (Mass.) Sentinel, obituary, 13 March 1942, p. 9, col. 2; digital images, ( : accessed 10 July 2013). 

My judgment is that the RootsMagic 6 and Legacy Family Tree 7.5 source citations are very close to Evidence! Explained formats, but that Family Tree Maker 2012 falls a bit short on format.  Perhaps Family Tree Maker 2014 will improve the source citations to be closer to the EE standards.

7)  Now I'm ready to see how these source citations crafted by the source templates in the three programs will transfer to the FamilySearch Family Tree (assuming that Legacy Family Tree and family Tree Maker enable that to happen).

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Copyright (c) 2013, Randall J. Seaver

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Geolover said...

Randy, you noted "For some reason, the FTM 2012 source template puts the "Citation Detail" ahead of the source title."

Er, it also omitted the date of the paper. Page and column numbers for no specified date is rather useless.