Friday, July 12, 2013

Fold3 "Save to Ancestry" Features Works For Me Now

I complained yesterday that the new "Save to Ancestry" features on Fold3 did not work for me, so I waited a day, and now they do work.  Here's my process:

1)  In the Martin Carringer Revolutionary War Pension File on, I clicked on the green "Save to Ancestry" button:

In the popup window, I chose my "Seaver-Leland Family" tree, and started typing Martin Carringer's name.  Two names were presented, including the one I wanted, so I selected that.  There are more names on the list but you have to scroll down to see them.

2)  After selecting "Martin Carringer 1758-1835," I clicked the orange "Save" button and saw:

That was easy.  I wanted to see how it was listed in my Ancestry Member Tree, so I clicked on the  link to "View Martin Carringer's profile on"

3)  The link took me to Martin Carringer's profile - here's the top of the page:

After scrolling down to the bottom of the "sources" list, the "Revolutionary War Pensions at Fold3" link shows on the list:

Clicking the link for the record takes me back to the record image on Fold3.

Before I took the above screen shot, I saved several other records for Martin Carringer to my Ancestry Member Tree using the "Save to Ancestry" button on Fold3, including;

*  The memorial page for Martin Carringer (1758-1835)
*  A numbered record book at Fold3

So the "Save to Ancestry" feature on Fold3 now works for me, and I'm happy that it's fixed, and I look forward to using it quite a bit in the coming weeks.

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Jacqi Stevens said...

Glad to hear they made the fix, Randy. It sounded like a useful feature, and I was disappointed to read in your previous post that it wasn't working. Will have to check it out now!