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I must have missed (or forgotten about) the announcement by describing their Online Support Community forums.  Was there a press release?  I just discovered them today...I must be getting old.

On the home page, the "Online Support Community" link is under the "Collaborate" tab:

Clicking on the "Online Support Communities" link takes the user to the Ancestry Support Communities page (

There are a number of different Communities - two for Community Matters and seven for Support Communities.  The Ancestry Support Communities are:

*  Getting Started
*  Product How-To
*  Search
*  Historical Records
*  Research Assistance
*  AncestryDNA
*  Family Tree Maker

I clicked on the "Product How-To" community forum, which has 1047 posts and 4344 comments.  Here is the top of that page:

Each community forum has a list of the posts, with the post with the most recent comment at the top of the list.  I clicked on the top item on the list above:

The post with the question was asked at 2:18 PM today, and the last comment was posted at 3:30 PM.

This community forum may be one of those very useful "Help" functions that users can participate in to ask questions and receive answers or advice for other users (and staff, I would guess).

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bgwiehle said...

The Ancestry forums were launched back in Jan 2013

This was after the Genealogy and Family History Stack Exchange site was launched in 2012 [,] and before the Mocavo's Genealogy Karma in May 2013 [].

And, of course, Genforum [] and all the message boards are still around.

It takes a bit of investigation to know the best place to post a message. And I doubt many monitor researchers every site.