Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Harvey Carringer (1852-1946) in Mount Hope Cemetery (San Diego)

I went looking for relatives in Find A Grave this morning for Tombstone Tuesday, and found a memorial for my great granduncle, Harvey Edgar Carringer (1852-1946):

He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego. The memorial says his birth date is unknown, and his death date (actually his burial date) is 11 May 1946. The Plot description that's given in the memorial is:

"Evergreen (Potter's Field)"

Hmmm.  I wonder if I can visit that plot, or if it is just a "pit" where a number of bodies were buried?

Harvey Edgar Carringer never married, but he was a significant part of the Henry Austin Carringer family, having moved to San Diego with his parents in 1899.  Harvey Edgar's younger brother was Henry Austin Carringer, who married Della Smith, and they had my grandfather, Lyle L. Carringer.

Harvey Edgar Carringer died 22 April 1946, and was buried on 11 May 1946.  Henry Austin lost his wife, Della, on 1 January 1944, and was in ill health until he passed away on 30 November 1946, six months after Harvey Edgar's death.   I wonder if the family was even notified of his death.

I've added the following to my to-do list:

*  Visit Mount Hope Cemetery and see if they can identify a gravesite for Harvey Edgar Carringer.  If they have one, I'll go visit the site.

*  Obtain a death certificate for Harvey Edgar Carringer to see the cause of death, parents names, disposition of the body, and who the informant was.

*  Check GenealogyBank, which has the San Diego newspapers available, for an obituary or a death notice.

I have no idea why I checked Find A Grave this morning for Harvey Edgar Carringer.  It was just a thought "I wonder if there is a memorial for Harvey Edgar Carringer?"  He was the first one I thought of!  Success.

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