Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Help Launch a New Genealogy Fiction Series

I received this email from Antra Celmins, the writer of the Discovering Latvian Roots blog.  This sounds interesting!


Help Launch a New Genealogy Fiction Series!

There's just over a week left to support the Aila Rye Genea-Fiction project on Kickstarter!

Aila Rudzite, also known as Aila Rye, is the protagonist of a new genealogy fiction series. From the get-go, she's out breaking down stereotypes about genealogists - she's young, she's tattooed, and she wears platform boots that can break down any genealogy brick wall presented to her. Her stories also take advantage of modern technology by incorporating interactive elements - puzzles for readers to solve have already been launched; mobile game apps, audio and video segments are also planned for the future.

Her first appearance is in the short story "A President For His Country", which takes Aila to Nebraska to meet a shotgun-wielding centenarian, revealed to be the daughter of a prominent European statesman, and the world-changing secret that she's kept for over seventy years. You can read "A President For His Country" here: http://www.celmina.com/fiction/a-president-for-his-country/

Now Aila is embarking on another adventure. This time, her client's story takes them on a journey across the United States - and the world - on the trail of of a young European sailor shipwrecked in Russian Alaska who then sets off to see America at the height of the US Civil War. Aila and her client learn that events that took place 150 years ago still have dangerous consequences today.

To help make this novel and its associated interactive features become a reality, its creator, geneablogger Antra Celmins of Discovering Latvian Roots, has launched a crowdfunding project through Kickstarter. Much like her fictional protagonist, Antra is a young platform-boot-wearing genealogist who embraces the possibilities of technology.

There are all sorts of rewards available for backers of the project - copies of the finished novel, personalized artwork, the opportunity to name characters and so on.

You can visit the project page here on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/835740906/aila-rye-genea-fiction-genealogy-with-a-twist - the campaign ends on December 7th! For additional information, you can contact Antra via the campaign page or email at admin@celmina.com.


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