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Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Ann (Underhill) Vaux (1815-1883)

While checking my files and comparing them to my Tombstone Tuesday blog entries, I noticed that I had neglected to post the photograph of the gravestone of Mary Ann (Underhill) Vaux (1815-1883), wife of Samuel Vaux (1816-1880), and my 3rd great-grandmother whose gravestone is in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas.

I posted Tombstone Tuesday - Samuel and Mary Ann Vaux on 12 February 2013 showing the Find A Grave memorial for Samuel and Mary Ann (Underhill) Vaux, and then requested photographs of their gravestone on Find A Grave.  Then I found an evidence conflict and wrote about it in How Can I Resolve This Evidence Conflict? (posted 27 March 2013) and (hopefully) resolved it in The Samuel Vaux Death Date Evidence Conflict - is it Resolved?  (posted 15 April 2013) The latter post showed the gravestone detail of Samuel Vaux's stone, but not of Mary Ann Vaux's stone.

Here is the Find A Grave memorial page for Mary Ann Underhill Vaux (1815-1883):

Here is the gravestone photograph of Mary A. Vaux's gravestone (courtesy of S.J. Oregon who fulfilled my photograph request and permitted me to show the photographs):

The gravestone inscription is:

Mary A. Vaux
Mar. 5, 1815
Nov. 2, 1883

The information on the burial card from the cemetery records that I posted in How Can I Resolve This Evidence Conflict? has a birth date of May 5. The Find A Grave memorial page also says Mar. 5.  A magnified look at the stone inscription makes the birth date look like Mar. 5 rather than May 5 - there is no descender, and there is a period indicating an abbreviation.  But none of the other letters on the stone have descenders.  I am using March 5 in my database.  

The gravestone, the cemetery card and the Find A Grave entry are the only sources that I have for Mary Ann (Underhill) Vaux's birth date and death date.  

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T said...

My grandmother's birthdate is off by 6 years, making her appear older than she was. There were 17 years difference between her and my grandfather so I suppose her children, not knowing her exact birthdate didn't know the date they used was wrong. Both her funeral card and her gravestone are wrong.