Sunday, May 25, 2014

CVGS Program on Wednesday, 28 May: Genealogy Research Panel


from 12 noon to 2 p.m.
At Chula Vista Civic Center Library Auditorium (365 F Street)

Genealogy Research Panel: “Stump the Chumps”

This will be a panel of four of CVGS's experienced researchers (from the left, Shirley Becker, John Finch, Patricia Diane Godinez, and Randy Seaver) who will take research problems and questions submitted from the membership over the past month. The panel will be moderated by President Virginia Taylor. 

Each selected entry will be presented by a primary panelist who will have performed some preliminary research on the entry. A full panel discussion will follow, including audience participation.

Think of this panel method as similar to Genealogy Roadshow which was on PBS in 2013 with 4 episodes.  

We had nine problem statements submitted, and about ten minutes will be devoted to each problem, with an emphasis on conclusions drawn from the evidence and suggestions for further research.

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