Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Genea-Musings Pages are Updated!

Genea-Musings is much more than a blog - it's also a website with quite a bit of my genealogy work product and a genealogy toolbox for readers to utilize.  I have been updating the genealogy pages on a regular basis.

At the top of every Genea-Musings page (just below the blog title and description), there are buttons for different pages that I've created to highlight some aspect of my genealogy work.  They include:

1)  Randy's Genealogy - links to my family tree offerings, a pedigree chart, and links to my family history books:

2)  Genea-Musings "Best" Posts - my self-selected Best of Genea-Musing posts from 2012 and 2013:

3)  Amanuensis Monday Posts -- a list of the probate, land, military and other records that I've transcribed over several years:

4)  Randy's Presentations -- the genealogy presentations that I can offer to genealogical societies for a program or a seminar:

5)  Presentation Schedule -- my current presentation schedule, plus previous engagements:

6)  Randy's Genealogy Links -- my genealogy toolbox with selected online genealogy websites in many record categories:

The really amazing thing, at least to me, is that this website is essentially free to create and add information on an immediate basis.  No webmaster needed.  It is immediately crawled by Google and other search engines and searchers can find my content on a regular basis. The only cost to me is the domain name, and the time I spend to create and add content.

The URL for this post is:  http://www.geneamusings.com/2014/05/genea-musings-pages-are-updated.html

copyright (c) 2014, Randall J. Seaver


Lisa S. Gorrell said...

It looks just like your blogger site from before. Is it still on the same platform and you just have your own domain? I'm very interested in this. I'd actually would like to combine my two blogs into one "site" and am willing to pay for the domain name. But I don't know code and want it to be as easy as blogger.

Randy Seaver said...

Lisa, it is the same site, same platform, same URL. I just updated, as opposed to creating, the pages mentioned.

I also have another URL for the Geneaholic blog. I haven'rt figured out a way to combine all blogs into one site on Blogger.

Blogger lets you "redirect" the blog to an URL, like www.geneamusings.com, that you pay for (Blogger will let you pay them). The redirect is in Settings on Blogger. That's my only expense at this time - about $10 a year.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

I Googled "combining two blogs into one" and came up with lots of choices for Blogger and Wordpress on how others have combined their blogs. Going to check them out. The first one combined 4 blogs together on Blogger!