Thursday, July 10, 2014

Breaking Up is Easy To Do -- Deleting a Relationship in WikiTree

I receive emails from WikiTree every time someone tries to Merge a profile or make a public comment on any of the person profiles for which I am a Profile Manager on WikiTree.

I received one via email recently that said, on the profile for George Soule, the Mayflower passenger:

"If his parents have not yet been discovered, then why does he have parents linked to here?"

Here is the top of George Soule's profile, which shows his parents as Robert Soule and Elizabeth Tylson:

And further down, you can see the comment, and my own response:

My response was:

"I think one of the contributors did it during a merge. It was the same person but there is no check in a merge that the parents are correct.
"In my opinion, he should be disconnected from the parents noted until there is some authoritative evidence of his parents."
Rather than wait for someone else to get a round tuit, I decided to learn how to do it myself.

The "Deletion FAQ" in the Help section says this about deleting a relationship:

"Relationships can be edited on WikiTree. Go to the profile's edit page and look in the right column. You can remove or replace any or all of their family members"

That sounded easy, so back on George Soule's profile, I clicked on the "Edit" tab:

Over on the right side of the page are the Relationships.  The page above shows the father, mother, siblings, spouses and children of the person.

I want to click on the "Edit" link and remove the relationship.  sounds like a piece of cake.  Here is the "Edit Family of George Soule" page:

And near the bottom of the page above is the big green button to "Remove Robert as Father of George Soule."

That worked, and I was back to the Profile for George Soule.  I had to do the same thing and Remove the supposed mother of George Soule also.

The top of the profile for George Soule now has no parents listed:

Further down, I added another public comment noting what I had done:

The last comment says:

"I removed Robert Soule and Elizabeth Tylson as parents of this George Soule. There is no evidence of this relationship other than unsourced family trees.
"If other researchers have a parish register entry or a will of a parent that names George as a son, please provide it."
That was really easy to do once I used the Help section to learn how to do it!  See - Breaking Up is Easy To Do!  At least on WikiTree.

I hope I did this right!  If it isn't Chris or the WikiChicks will tell me, I'm sure.

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