Monday, July 7, 2014

Changing the Preferred Photo in FamilySearch Family Tree

I read about the new capability to Print the Portrait Tree in the FamilySearch Family Tree on the FamilySearch Blog - see

I wanted to try it, but when I did, my grandfather's photo was not a head shot but a couple shot:

Then I had to recall how to change the preferred photo, and finally clicked on the "Get Help" button and wisely chose the "Learning Center video courses" and then "Family Tree Training Lessons and Videos" and then "View This Lesson" and got the "FamilySearch Family Tree Curriculum" and selected (wisely) "Level Two (Intermediate)" and scrolled down and selected from the "Photos" list the item titled "6. Changing the Portrait."  That got me to the relatively simple directions on how to do what I want to do:

It says:

The portrait is changed from the Person Details Page. 

1. Click on the face and all of the photos for that person show up. 

2. Click on the face of the photo that you want for your portrait. 

3. Wait a couple of minutes and refresh your screen. 

OK, back to the Person Details Page for my grandfather.  There is the offending portrait:

I clicked on the portrait and then was able to choose the picture I wanted to be the preferred portrait:

I chose the first one on the left.  Then I got this message:

So I need to wait a few minutes.  I went in and ate dinner.

I'm back 30 minutes later, refreshed the Person Profile Page and saw:

Then back to the Portrait Tree and there he is!

So now I can click the small "Printer" icon to the left of Frank Walton Seaver to see the Portrait Tree PDF, which I can save and printout:

Yep, that works.  As long as know your way around the tree and can remember how to get to all of the Get Help items there are!  Whew!

I wonder why my ancestors didn't all go to the same photographer and get beautiful photographs made at a uniform age with the same background and coloring?  It's a great chart, but there are very few that were done at the same age with the same background and coloring.  Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, at least I have a photo of each generation shown.  Not so for the next generation back!

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