Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Should "Best of the Genea-Blogs" Be a Weekly Flipboard Magazine?

My weekly Best of the Genea-Blogs blog post on Sundays has been a fixture for almost seven years (my, how time flies!), but it's always been essentially text with links to my selected blog posts from over 1,500 genealogy bloggers.  This is basic curation - find something, link to it, perhaps comment on it, let others read it.

I've been experimenting with different forms of presentation - especially Flipboard magazines, which is available on the Internet and on mobile devices.  I really like Flipboard as a visual curator - and I can select what I want to show in my magazines.

So today I decided to make a Flipboard magazine for last week's Best of the Genea-Blogs - the week of July 20-26, 2014.  The Flipboard magazine is at

Here is the cover page:

Don't click on the image, it's not a live link!

Maybe I need a sexier image on the Best Of the Genea-Blog post?  I'll work on that!

Using the right and left arrows on the side of the Flipboard magazine pages, the reader can scroll through the pages in the magazine.  For instance, here is the second page of the magazine:

By clicking the + sign next to my name under the title of each image, the reader can go to the specific blog post.  That's good.  As you can see, there is an image associated with each webpage in the magazine.

But I have a problem with this concept.  I didn't write these blog posts, Wayne Shepheard and Thomas MacEntee did.  The URL given is to their blogs, but my name is under the title of the posts.  Granted, if the URL is short enough, the bloggers name might be next to it, which is good.  The image is not my image, either.  What do you think?  Are these copyright violations?  If so, whose violation is it - mine or Flipboard's?

Would you read a Flipboard magazine of the Best of the Genea-Blogs if I did this every week?  How about a Flipboard magazine for:

*  Each week's posts on Genea-Musings?  

*  Research and photos for each ancestral family, or a special person?

*  For genealogical society activities?

It takes maybe 30 minutes to put one together with 20 to 25 links.  Is this something that would interest your genealogical society members?  Or your Facebook friends?  Or your family members? Or to pass via email to your genealogy buddies? Or not?

I would like your opinion on this - would you like this to happen?  Or do you not care?  Is this a way to reach younger genealogists, to document research activities, or to reach family members?

The URL for this post is:

Copyright (c) 2014, Randall J. Seaver


nancy said...

For the weekly "best of" posting, I prefer the current format of list of links; since I read many of same bloggers during week, a list helps me quickly focus on any posts I might have missed.

I like the flipboard idea you mentioned for a single ancestor or family line.

Just my opinion!

Diane Gould Hall said...

Good question Randy. I have tried using Flipboard. I even created a Flipboard for my blog. I like the idea of it and the format. However, I have not continued to use it as I didn't feel it was widely read. Maybe I'm wrong about that.
As far as your "best of" posts I would prefer the current method as I like to just go down the list and click on the links. That being said using Flipboard for the other items you mentioned wouldn't be a bad idea. How would we be notified about a post? I currently read the blogs I follow by using the list I have on my own blog on the design page in the left hand column.
As to the copyright....sounds like a question for Judy Russell. I agree though that having your name under the post title instead of the bloggers, doesn't seem quite right.
Those are my thoughts,

Unknown said...

I read a varying selection of blogs via my Netvibes dashboard - I am not a fan of Flipboard. And I agree with the previous comment about copyright - it doesn't seem right that your by-line appears in place of the author's. I like your present method of listing items. When in doubt, KISS (Keep It Simple S...!).

Unknown said...

I like the FLipboard format and your content, but I agree with your concerns. I also found some of the postings didn't have enough of the title in it to draw me in enough to click and read it. Some of the pictures prompted me to look at other blogs that I wouldn't ordinarily see...the "people on trees" photo is priceless. Paula

Kay Haden said...

I didn't think I would like it but then I did! I agree with some of the previous comments - the issue of the by-line - although most of the time the author's name was there and certainly if you click on it you are on their page. I actually checked out some of the links I wouldn't have bothered with in the usual list. All in all I though it fun.

Discover Genealogy said...

We blogists that you highlight occasionally really appreciate the mention.
I don't use Flipboard. In fact, I didn't even know there was such a thing until you mentioned it. But I have to say I prefer your list as it gives me a quick was to see all of your recommendations in one space. I did have trouble opening your Flipboard page and then going to a particular post - in this case mine. Must e the way I had to sign in.
There could be a copyright problem. Not with mine this week but there are times when I have sought formal approval from a record office to use an specific image on my own blog. Recopying it might be a problem.
Thanks for your interest though. I hope you maintain the time to read all of our efforts.

Unknown said...

Flipboards are my favorite way to read good blogs recommended by people (like you Randy) that I respect and trust! It is much more engaging than a list and you can always go back to it and not worry about having to hunt for that e-mail that had the list in the first place. I say go for it!
Thanks for your great screening work and interesting recommendations. Annick

Tanya said...

I prefer the email that lists blogs to look at.
I check FB and my email couple times a day and often don't have time to check on Flipboard.
I also think it is harder to find items on Flipboard that I would like to go back to.

Hudson Co. NJ genealogy said...

I tried out your flipboard on my windows 8 pc and used chrome and I liked it but things weren't perfect. A few pages were overblown up and then a few pictures were cut off. I tried it on IE, Firefox and Opera and the same thing happened. Maybe it's my computer. I would like it if flipboard can fix it. I'm now making a flipboard for myself. They need better instructions and tools. The photo of the ice cream in that guy's face was perfect.


T said...

I prefer the current format. I can skim the list and see if there is anything I missed that I want to read. It's quicker than paging through flipboard. I vote keep it as it is.

Janice Harshbarger said...

PLEASE keep your "Best of the Genea-Blogs" just as it is, with links even I can use. Flipboard? I don't see a compelling reason to use it but if you want to use it for other stuff, have fun!

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Perhaps add the Flipboard, but PLEASE do not eliminate it from the current blog post. I will not get to see it, if you do... ;-( Thanks! ;-)

Lauri said...

Agree with the others, leave as is with links in an email. I too read a lot of the blogs so it is easy to skip over the ones I've read or are not interested in. I have difficult enough time keeping up with email and FB, can't see that I'd add Flipboard to my already overloaded reading material.

Fax said...

In order to see an entire article on Flipboard, one has to sign up to "save" it. I just want to read it.

Bottom line, your present system works best for me.


Nancy said...

I like your current format, Randy. I have never had success reading Flipboard content. It always looks appealing when I get there but then the system doesn't seem to work when I try to flip.

So, for me, your current presentation is my preference.

Thanks so much for sharing your "Best of" posts very week.