Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Technology Tuesday - Ancestry.com Updated Mobile App - Hints

Ancestry.com recently updated its mobile app for iPad, iPod and iPhone - you can read the press release in Ancestry.com Mobile App Has New Features I don't know when they will update the mobile app for Android and Windows 8.  The mobile app is FREE from the App Store on the iOS products, and from Google Play for Android products.

In Technology Tuesday -- Updated Ancestry.com Mobile App (posted 2 September 2014), I reviewed most of the new features of the mobile app, with the exception of Hints, Searching and the DNA portion.  The Ancestry.com Mobile App interacts with a user's Ancestry Member Tree on the Ancestry.com website.

Here is the process to use the Hints feature on the updated Ancestry.com mobile app:

1)  In the Tree View, find a person with a green leaf:

2)  I tapped on Cornelius A. Carringer on the screen above to see his profile:

3)  To see the Hints, I tapped on the "Hints" link - there are 7 Hints for him!  Here is the Hints screen:

The screen tells me I have 7 Unreviewed Hints.

4)  I tapped on the 1880 U.S. Census record Hint on the screen above, and saw the "Record Details:"

The screen above compares the information in the record (on the left) and the information in the tree (on the right).  Scrolling down, I can see more details of the comparison between the record and the tree:

5)  This is the same person, so I tapped on the green "Add Record" button:

The screen above tells me that the Residence Date and Residence Location will be added to the Ancestry Member Tree.  I could tap on the circles for Name, Birth Date and birth Location and add them to the Tree also.

6)  I tapped the "Next" link (in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen above) and the "Family" members also in the census record appeared.  

I could tap on each name and determine which Facts to add for them in the Ancestry Member Tree (not shown).

7)  I tapped on the "Save" link (upper right-hand corner) and was back to the list of "Hints:"

The screen above indicates that I now have one "Accepted" Hint for Cornelius A. Carringer (and his family in the 1880 U.S. Census).

This "Hints" feature is very easy to use to add Facts, record images and sources to your Ancestry Member Tree.  

8)  With this mobile app, I can access my Ancestry Member Tree anywhere that I have an Internet connection through my iPhone, iPad or iPod.  I can see Hints, add them to a person profile, or ignore them.  I can search Ancestry.com for more information about the person.  This is truly my family tree in my pocket.

However, I can't see everything in the Ancestry Member Tree, which is unfortunate.  Perhaps source citations and fact notes will be added in future updates.

This is a very powerful tool.  If you invite your family members to be guests or editors to your Ancestry Member Tree, then they can download the FREE Ancestry.com mobile app and have your family tree (with their ancestors) in their pocket also!

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