Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grandparents and Granddaughters -- Post 333 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I am posting family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they aren't "Wordless" - I am incapable of having a wordless post.

Here is a photograph from the Marion (Seaver) (Braithwaite) Hemphill family collection handed down from my Aunt Marion in 2000 after her passing.

This photograph was taken in February 1982 in Carlsbad, California on the occasion of my brother's wedding.  This is the only photograph I have of my parents with all four of their grandchildren at the time.  The persons in this photograph are (I'm going to use just first names for the grandkids) from the left:

*  Lori - my daughter
*  Betty (Carringer) Seaver - my mother
*  Lisa - my brother's daughter
*  Molly - my brother's daughter
*  Frederick Walton Seaver - my father
*  Tami - my daughter

My mother adored her grandchildren, and they loved her.  Going to grandma's house was fun because she did art activities with them.  My father enjoyed the girls, but yearned for grandsons so he could teach them to play baseball.

I don't know why all the kids are laughing - perhaps the cameraman said something funny like "say pepperoni."

For some reason, I don't have this photograph in my own photo collection - I found it in Aunt Marion's album.  The photo was probably sent to her by my mother soon after the event.  This is a prime example that some of your best family photos are in the photo albums of your close faily members - siblings of your parents, for instance.

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