Monday, December 8, 2014 Publishes "Ancestry Global Family History Report" has published an Ancestry Global Family History Report which provides survey results from six countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Sweden - not truly "global" since it covers only "first world countries").

The blog post with the survey is at .  There is a 16 slide presentation there (I recommend expanding it to full screen).  You can also read the report as a presentation at

Statistics presented include:

*  The rise of family history (e.g., 1300% increase in USA users of paid family history since 2004)

*  Increase in average length of family histories (e.g., 15% increase in USA average length since 1984)

*  Benefits of family history for individuals and family

*  Types of records used by those researching family history (surprisingly, census records are not the most "used" by USA researchers)

*  Family connection typology

*  Research methodology

This report is interesting - please read the whole thing.

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