Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Best of Genea-Musings for 2014

I wrote about 964 posts during 2014, and it is a challenge to pick out the ten or twenty "best" from the list.  I'm going to ignore the daily meme posts of Amanuensis Monday, Tuesday's Tip, Wordless Wednesday, Treasure Chest Thursday, 52 Ancestors, Surname Saturday, Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, and Best of the Genea-Blogs, and try to pick them based on my subjective criteria of relevance to my research, and relevance and interest to the genealogy industry.

My selections for the Best Genea-Musings Posts of 2014 are (in posting date order):

*  My Genealogy Research Adventures in 2013 (2 January 2014)

*  Trying Out Flipboard, a Curated Magazine Website/Mobile App (20 January 2014)

*  Finding Marriage Gems in Historical Newspapers - GenealogyBank Has a "Marriages" Sub-Category (24 January 2014)

*  Dear Randy: Why Do You Write the 52 Ancestors Friday Posts? (27 January 2014)

*  My Top Ten FREE USA Genealogy Resource Websites (30 January 2014)

*  "Randy at RootsTech 2014" Flipboard Magazine Available (11 February 2014)

*  Ideas for Ancestry.com Search Improvements - Show Me My Cousins (13 February 2014)

*  Ideas for Ancestry.com Improvements -- Improve the Ancestry Public Member Trees Match List to Put the "Richest Tree Person" First (14 February 2014)

*  Using Puzzilla and FamilySearch Family Tree to Identify Autosomal, Y and mtDNA Candidates (18 February 2014)

*  Who Contributed to My X-Chromosome? My List (28 February 2014)

*  Ancestry Drops "Old Search" - Hysteria Ensues (7 March 2014)

*  Should I Add My Own Family Stories to my Ancestry Member Tree? (27 March 2014)

*  A Day In the Genealogy Life of "The Geneaholic" (3 April 2014)

*  Musings On Genealogy "Expertise," "Elites" and Education (7 April 2014)

*  Step-by-Step Process for Accessing and Finding New York Probate Records on FamilySearch (16 April 2014)

*  Dear Randy: How Can I Avoid Updating My Tree in 5 Different Places? (19 May 2014)

*  "Advice to the Ancestry-Lorn" Thoughts After the "Stump the Chumps" Meeting (28 May 2014)

*  Dear Randy: How Do You Keep Your Workload Manageable and Everything Up-to-Date? (30 May 2014)

*  My Flipboard Magazine for "Randy at Jamboree 2014" (13 June 2014)

*  How Should Genealogy Societies Nurture Beginners? (24 July 2014)

*  A.J. Jacobs Cousin Connections - Um, Not Really (10 September 2014)

*  Which Family Tree Programs Sync With Online Trees and/Or Have Mobile Apps? (25 September 2014)

*  One Family Tree File or Many Tree Files? (14 October 2014)

*  Demonstrating Adding Ancestry.com Hints in a Specific Database to my RootsMagic Database (30 October 2014)

*  Dear Randy: How Have You Saved Your Research So Someone Can Search For It? (20 November 2014)

*  So Many Matches, So Little Time! How Do I Deal With Information Overload? (21 November 2014)

*  I Am Not Doing a Genealogy Do-Over (17 December 2014)

That's the list!  Did you miss any of them?  If so, please go read them and make a comment if you wish.

Which one is your absolute favorite?

If you have a genea-blog, what were your best genealogy blog posts for 2014? 

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Diane Gould Hall said...

I did miss some of those posts Randy. I'll go read them right now. And, since you suggested it, I think I will do a "best of" for my blog also @www.michiganfamilytrails.com

Seeds to Tree said...

I look forward to this subject every year. I missed a couple the first time around. One night this week, I read and re-read every delicious word. So good!