Saturday, January 17, 2015

CGSSD Meeting Today Featured DearMYRTLE Presenting in a Hangout On Air

Today's Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD) program was DearMYRTLE presenting "Google Hangouts: Enhancing Family Gatherings and Interviews" to about 45 attendees at UCSD.

You can read DearMYRTLE's meeting summary at  The video is on YouTube at and below:

If you watch carefully, I am in the far left-hand side of the audience view.  I raise my hand occasionally, and even get to speak in response to MYRT's questions.

I took a photo of the screen during the presentation:

You can see the video on the screen, the filmstrip with the persons on the Hangout at the bottom of the video, and Paul Hawthorne's laptop facing the audience on a table at the bottom of the photo, which is hooked up to the projection and audio system.

This program was a combination of DearMYRTLE's slide presentation and her live interactions with Cousin Russ [Worthington] and the audience.  She spent some time demonstrating how to find the DearMYRTLE community on Google+, and how to set up a private community on Google+ so that persons can create a family community, and invite family members to join it, for family discussions, video calls, slide shows, stories, and the like.  It's FREE and reliable, and can be private if you want it to be.

There were few in the audience who had experienced a Hangout On Air before, and there were many questions about the process.  Pat and Russ explained it all.  I hope that this results in a CGSSD Community on Google+ (and an SDGS Community as well), with society calendars, announcements, videos, etc.

Presentations like this, from a remote presenter, to a group that has only a laptop with a camera and projector, plus a Google account, can be done at a mutually agreed time.  The society pays the presenter for their presentation time, but saves the cost of travel reimbursement.  For societies that are not near a large city, this would be a smart way to obtain quality genealogical education from world renowned speakers.

You can see all of DearMYRTLE's publicly available YouTube videos on her YouTube page at

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