Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WikiTree Provides More DNA Information About Relatives

I wrote WikiTree DNA Confirmation Aid Results on 26 June 2014, and then did not do much after investigating it and writing about it.

I saw Kitty Cooper's post last week (Organizing DNA Results With Your Genealogy: WIKItree.com), and went exploring in WikiTree again.  After updating my DNA test information, the program provided much more DNA-related information (after an overnight wait).

1)  On my WikiTree Home Nav page, I clicked on the "My WikiTree" link (at the top of the page) and selected the "DNA Confirmation" link:

2)  The "DNA Confirmation" page shows information about me and my ancestors through third great-grandparents.  It provides a summary of tests that have already been performed by myself (and others if they share the ancestor).  It identifies the males in my Y-chromosome DNA line and the females in my mitochondrial DNA line.

There are three more tabs at the top of the screen above - for "DNA Tests," "DNA Ancestors" and "DNA Descendants."

3)  Here is my page for "DNA Tests:"

I can Edit this page if I take another DNA test.

4)  Here is the DNA Ancestors page, which is pretty useful.  If you look closely, you can see icons for Y-DNA, X-DNA, mtDNA and auDNA on the appropriate persons (three screens):

The page above provides a list of my Y-chromosome DNA matches (my Seaver patrilineal line), my mitochondrial DNA matches (my matrilineal line), and my X-chromosome DNA matches (based on the rules for mitochondrial lines (males received only their mothers X, females receive X from both fathers and mothers).

5)  For the "DNA Descendants" page, I went back to one of my ancestors (since I don't have descendants in WikiTree) and saw a dropdown descendants list that provided Y and X chromosome descendants.  Since I used a male, it didn't list mitochondrial DNA descendants since there are none.

6)  This would be extremely helpful if everybody who has contributed to WikiTree had input their DNA tests, and had ancestors in common with me.  

Alas, not many WikiTreers have input their DNA information, and absolutely no person that I looked at has another WikiTreer with a  DNA match to me.

The URL for this post is:  http://www.geneamusings.com/2015/01/wikitree-provides-more-dna-information.html

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Peter J. Roberts said...

Many thanks for pointing out some of WikiTree's features. I invited many of my very distant suspected cousins to DNA test and collaborate on growing our ancestral tree in WikiTree. Our mtDNA and Y-STR matches have allowed us to confirm the accuracy of our direct (maternal or paternal) lines in WikiTree back to our most recent common ancestor on those lines. Others can independently verify our findings.

WikiTree is exploring a similar confirmation system for X chromosome and autosomal DNA. Other genetic genealogists are invited to contribute their suggestions and expertise in these latest endeavors.

Sincerely, Peter

Peter J. Roberts