Sunday, March 8, 2015

Added or Updated Databases at - Week of March 1-7, 2015

The following databases were added or updated on during the period from 1 to 7 March 2015 (Note: not all new or updated databases are indexed or have images).

*  California, Naturalization Records, 1887-1991; indexed database with images, updated 3/5/2015

*  Sweden, Selected Indexed Household Clerical Surveys, 1880-1893 (in Swedish); indexed database with images, updated 3/4/2015

*  Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985; indexed database with images, updated 3/4/2015

*  Belarus, Jewish Conscripts from Polesie, Poland, 1928-1939; indexed database, no images, ADDED 3/3/2015

*  California, Alien Land Ownership Records, 1921-1952; indexed database no images, updated 3/3/2015

*  Romania, Deportations from Dorohoi to Transnistria, 1942; indexed database with images, ADDED 3/3/2015

* Győr, Hungary, Victims at Auschwitz, 1944;  indexed database, no images, ADDED 3/3/2015

*  Czechoslovakia, Prostějov (Prossnitz) Jewish Martyrs, 1930;  indexed database, no images, ADDED 3/3/2015

*  Czechoslovakia, Children from Prague, 1943-1944;  indexed database, no images, ADDED 3/3/2015

*  Wisconsin, Marriages, 1820-1907;  indexed database, no images, Updated 3/3/2015

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The complete Card Catalog is at  There are 32,610 databases available as of 7 March, an increase of 7 over last week. 

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T said...

Why does ancestry add an "index only" to a person? Recently I added a newly found relative and once AGAIN ancestry has added a "document" for her that doesn't exist. The link ancestry provides leads to the Prince Edward Island vital statistics data base where you can search. I have a surprise for ancestry. Nobody will find this baptism at PEI vital statistics because it was a church record hand typed by me.

1829 Age: 20
Feeby Clark Ward, aged 20 years the 5th day of last July, and baptized by John Snowball. (Between August 24-September 6, 1829

PEI did not keep records in 1829. It was published in the newspaper or recorded in church records. It's a terrible disservice to add "facts" to your data base with the source being someone's family tree fact. This is the second time I can prove ancestry did this. My other family member was entered as died probably in 1888 likely in South Dakota. Next thing I knew, there's a Family Data Collection. There is no such record. I don't know where or when she died. I guessed when I put it on her facts page in my tree. Look for yourself.

Don't do it. Stop doing it. Remove the ones you've dreamed up so far. It's hard enough to get the right person without red herrings supplied by ancestry. Am I mad? You'd better believe it.