Friday, March 27, 2015

Mining More Record Matches on MyHeritage

I checked my MyHeritage Record Matchesd today, and was happy to see that there are matches from 135 record collections and a total of 69,776 record matches (67,046 are pending).

Here is the first page of my 7 pages of Record Match listings (4 screens shown):

The top 10 record collections with the most matches to persons in my MyHeritage tree are:

1.  FamilySearch Family Tree - 28,245 matches
2.  WikiTree - 15,109 matches
3.  Geni World Family Tree - 12,861 matches
4.  1900 U.S. Federal Census - 1,475 matches
5.  Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915 - 1,103 matches
6.  U.S. Public Records Index - 976 matches
7.  U.S. Social Security Death Index - 802 matches
8.  1880 U.S. Federal Census - 706 matches
9.  1850 U.S. Federal Census - 575 matches
10. 1910 U.S. Federal Census - 574 matches

I don't see Find A Grave here, I wonder if they don't provide access to it any longer?  It was on this list a year ago.  Probably because now owns it.  I'm glad I mined it in 2013-2014!

A good number of the Geni, WikiTree and FamilySearch Family Tree are my own entries, so I'm not going to bother much with them.  I am doing the U.S. Census records from the Ancestry Member Tree Hints so I won't bother with them either.

I will look carefully at bthe Newspaper Archives lists (I think MyHeritage is the only site that provides Hints for a newspaper collection).  I've reviewed quite a few of them already, and found some useful information from them.

For California Births, Marriages and Deaths, I have mined quite a few of them, but there are some pending, so I will check them out.  Same with the Social Security Death Index - I've done over 700, but there are 31 pending.

There are Norway Baptisms, Marriages and Burials on the list now, and those may be useful.  There are some English County Parish Registers on the list which should be useful.  And many more!

I saw the New York State Deaths, 1957-1964 further down the list.  I haven't seen that database before, so I will go mine it and see what they have.

For each record match, the screen above shows the information in my tree on the left, and the information in the record on the right.

I clicked on the record for the first person on the list, Enoch A. Lagreen, and I could compare the record data to information in my tree:

I have the death date correct in my tree, with a more definitive death place (from other records).  I looked at my RootsMagic database, and saw that I didn't have a source for this death, so I added the source as:

"New York State Deaths, 1957-1964," indexed database, MyHeritage (, Enoch A. Lagreen entry, 1962.

On MyHeritage, I can Confirm the match if the record correctly matches the person in my tree.  I will do that and reduce the Match count for this database.  Then I can decide which data, and the source, to add to the person in my MyHeritage tree.  Finally, I can Save the Record to my tree person.

I did this process for the five matches in this database and now it shows that there are 0 pending matches.  On to the next database!

As with every record provider, I try to search for the record collections that I have not mined before, such as the New York Deaths collection above.

I also searched this record collection for Seaver persons, and there were 34 matches.  I was able to add information (death date, death place, and source citations) to my RootsMagic database for about 30 individuals.  I don't know why MyHeritage didn't find them in the Record Matches - perhaps I have added many of them in the four years since I uploaded this tree to MyHeritage.

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