Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NEHG Register Appears In New Format

I received a press notice from the New England Historic Genealogical Society today announcing that the name of the peer-reviewed journal has been changed to "NEHG Register, the Journal of American Genealogy" and the cover is now in color.  You can read the press release at GeneaPress in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, the Oldest Genealogical Journal in America, Appears in a New Format.

I try to remember to download the PDF version of each of the journals to my computer as part of my NEHGS annual subscription.

After logging into the American Ancestors website, on the Browse > Publications > The Register page, I could see the link to "Click here to view this issue as a PDF."

I clicked the link, and there was the colorful cover:

The page showed me the entire volume number as a PDF.  I scrolled down a bit to the Table of Contents and saw:

By running my mouse over the lower right-hand corner of the screen, I could zoom in, zoom out, download the file or print the file.  I downloaded it and saved it in my digital file of NEGH Registers dating from 2007.

While I was in my digital files, I noticed that I had not downloaded the PDF of the last three issues.  I read them online but forgot to download them.

Back on the Browse > Publications > The Register page, there is a link to the 2010-2015 Digital Archive page, which lists the issues available to read in digital format at present:

I clicked on the top one on the list, for October 2014, and saw the Table of Contents:

 There is a link at the bottom of the list to "Read Volume 168, October 2014 (Whole #672).  I clicked on it and saw:

The issue opened in a Flip book format.  I could read it online, and did.

However, there was no link to download the issue as a PDF digital file.  I wonder why?

This is important to me - I have a complete run of the printed issue from about 1991, and in 2012 decided that I would "go green" and download the PDF version so that I could have the reading material available on my desktop computer, my laptop computer, and my mobile devices - so that NEHGR would be with me wherever I am.  After all, I paid for them with my subscription.  I can print out an article when I need to have it in printed format.

But now I can't download the issues that I'm missing.  Perhaps this is an oversight on the part of NEHGS - I hope that it is and is corrected.

There is a work-around for everyone to obtain a printed copy - to find it in the Database search and print the selected pages.  I'd rather have the issue as a PDF.

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Anonymous said...

I clicked your link to the PDF while in Mozilla Firefox and was able to download the PDF with only a very short wait time. The one that appears within the following sentence:
The page showed me the entire volume number as a PDF. I scrolled down a bit to the Table of Contents and saw:
Maybe this will work for you.

Randy Seaver said...

Yes, that link goes to the PDF of the current issue which can be downloaded.

There seem to be no links for the archived issues before the current issue.