Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Vision of Loveliness -- Post 354 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I'm posting old family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they won't be wordless posts like others do - I simply am incapable of having a wordless post.

Here is one of the most precious (to me) images from my Seaver/Carringer/Leland family collection:

This photograph was taken at about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, 21 March 1970 in the Chula Vista (CA) Presbyterian Church on Hilltop Drive.

This is my soon-to-be bride, Linda Leland, on the left, and her proud but pensive father, Leo Severt "Papa Lee" Leland on the right, as they start down the center aisle for our wedding.

Some memories:

*  It seemed like it took forever for them to walk down the aisle.

*  Linda stopped and spoke to her mother and grandmother before they got to the altar.

*  After being asked "Who gives this woman to be married" Lee answered "her mother and I."

*  During the vows, the minister, Rev. Ted Bahu, asked Linda "Do you take Randy as your lawful wedded wife?"  Everybody but me cracked up; I wasn't listening, apparently. Ted turned around to compose himself, and then asked the right question.  We finally got it right.

*  When it came time to kiss the bride, I couldn't figure out how to get through the veil.  We hadn't practiced lifting it up...

*  The walk back down the aisle is a blur...we made it to the bride's room, and then went back into the church for photographs.

Forty-five years have passed very quickly.  Linda still tells the "wedded wife" story for some reason.  

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Burning River Genealogy said...

What a precious picture, Randy! I love this. Congratulations on 45 years. March 21st is our anniversary too! Just celebrated our 23rd. Hopefully that means your longevity is a great omen for us. Love this post :) -Cate.