Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Record Matches from MyHeritage

Every once in awhile I get an email notice that MyHeritage has found more Record Matches for persons in my MyHeritage Tree in online collections at MyHeritage.  These matches are almost always correct.  Many of them are records that I have not searched for, so they're like "free gold."

The email today provided 20 more matches, with a link to see all Record Matches for persons in my MyHeritage tree.  Here is the top of the email list:

And a little further down:

I checked my RootsMagic database and I did not have the 1936 death certificate for Anna (Grieser) Brocke.  I clicked on the blue "Review match" button above and saw the record extraction page:

Near the bottom of the record extraction page was the record image - I clicked to make it full screen:

I downloaded this record image, renamed it using my file naming convention, and saved it in my Brocke surname file folder.

Since this was the Idaho Marriage Certificates, 1911-1937 collection, I was pretty sure it was also on FamilySearch.  It was.

Since I found it on MyHeritage, I should source it on MyHeritage.  The source citation is:

State of Idaho "Idaho Death Certificates, 1911-1937," indexed database and digitized image, MyHeritage ( : accessed 8 April 2015), State File No. 98064, Anna Brocke, died 19 March 1936; citing Department of Health and Welfare, Boise, Idaho.

The record also provided the birth date and birth place for Anna (Grieser) Brocke on 17 November 1859 in St. Louis, Missouri, with a father's name of Grieser (indexed as Gruser) and a mother's name of Katherine Guddy.

Anna (Grieser) Brocke is my wife's great-grandmother, and I did not have this record prior to today.

Some of the 20 Record Matches listed in the email were already known to me and in my RootsMagic database, but had not been attached to persons in my MyHeritage Tree.  Some of the matches were in the World Tree or FamilySearch Family Tree, added there by myself, so I didn't attach them to my MyHeritage tree.  I did attach the remainder of them to my MyHeritage tree.

MyHeritage provides Record Matches for persons in my MyHeritage Family Tree by searching for records in all of their online collections and sending an email to me so that my awareness of the found records is raised.  It's like they're doing my research for me while I'm sleeping, watching team sports, or doing something else in life.

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