Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tip - Subscribe to "Your Genealogy Today" Magazine

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Subscribe to the Your Genealogy Today magazine in either the print or PDF format.

The Your Genealogy Today magazine was formerly Family Chronicle, published by Moorshead Magazines, Ltd., which also publishes Internet Genealogy magazine and History Magazine.  Your Genealogy Today magazine is published six times a year , and costs $24.95 retail (and $14.95 on sale according to this page).

The Table of Contents for the upcoming May/June issue includes;

*  Organizing and Caring for Old Family Photographs
Jacky Gamble offers six hints for giving those old family photographs a longer life

*  Strangers in the Attic: The Era of CDVs and CCs
George Matheson looks at the once-popular Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards of a bygone era

*  Doubled! Baptismal Registrations of 19th Century Austrian Military Offspring
Smiljka Kitanovic explains why some births in 19 century Austria-Hungary were recorded twice leaving a bonus for family historians

*  Writing Your Family History in Five Steps
Barbara Krasner offers tips on how to record your family history in written form for future generations

*  Family Time
David A. Norris explores watches and clocks as family history and heirlooms

*  Finding My Zitko Ancestors
Wynne Crombie shares her heart-warming experience of her first visit to an ancestral village on the island of Vis

*  Sacrifice for Victory: Rationing during World War II
Carol Richey looks at how your home front ancestors were affected by the measures taken to support the war effort

*  Finding Caroline Tanner Bailey —Through Bits and Pieces
Robin Bailey discovers how several small clues from photos, books and other sources led to a successful search for her great-grandmother

*  Bringing Foreign Letters and Symbols Into Your Writing
David A. Norris offers tips for adding that little extra to your documents


*  Advice from the Pros
*  Genealogy Tourism
*  DNA & Genealogy
*  The Back Page

Genealogy-oriented magazines are very useful - they keep readers up-to-date on genealogy news, methodology, software, research stories, and much more.

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