Friday, April 10, 2015 Launches Family Trees

I received this information from the folks:


I just wanted to share some exciting new features that we recently launched on  Hopefully you like our new family tree creator!

Family Tree Creator is now available!

- Our new family tree creator is finally live! You can now build your family tree directly on the site.  Add photos, source citations, and full profiles for your ancestors.  Some highlights:

- Built from the ground up using the latest technology to run great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.   It's very fast and easy to use on all devices.

- Easily share your tree with family members so you can collaborate and build your tree together.

- Build a complete profile of your ancestors by adding photos, family members, and biographies.

- Add full source citations to your records quickly and easily, including links to external resources and high resolution photos of record images and historical documents.

- Easily search for record matches for any members of your family tree.  Add source records from census, birth, living people records and more with just a couple of clicks.

- Full privacy controls so only the people you choose can see your tree.

Family Tree Creator is 100% free to use, just like everything else at  Try it out today!


I couldn't resist trying this out, so I entered myself, my wife, and my parents to see how easy it is to enter data, and to see if they have some of the features we have come to expect with online family trees.

I opened the "Tree Pages" link to see what was included there - you can List All People, View Record Matches, Share Tree (using email, defining role), Tree Settings (tree name, tree description, and privacy controls, delete tree).

Here are just a few of my observations about Family Tree Creator, in its present form:

*  This is a separate family tree, owned by the creator.  You can make it as private as you want.

*  There is no GEDCOM upload or download capability yet.  This is, to me, critical because I don't want to enter thousands of people into any family tree program one person at a time.   

*  For each person entered, birth and death dates and places can be entered.  However, I found no way to enter marriage dates and places for a couple.

*  Other relatives can be entered - parents, siblings, spouses, children.

*  A biography, source citations and photographs/document images can be added for each person.

*  For each person, the program finds Record Matches in the databases available on  

*  This feature, and the website, are FREE at this time.

That's as far as I've gotten in about 30 minutes of working with it.  

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