Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Ancestry.com Database -- Oregon Motor Vehicle Registrations, 1911-1946

Ancestry.com added a new database today titled "Oregon Motor Vehicle Registrations, 1911-1946."

I was intrigued by this - what could I learn from it?  I don't have any ancestors that resided in Oregon in that time frame, so I searched for the Seaver surname.

Here are the results for my search:

I clicked on the first match on the list and saw:

The indexed information doesn't provide a lot of information.  I clicked on the "View" link to see the list of registrations with R.L. Seaver on the page (on image 362 of 428 of the January 1917 volume):

The information for R.L. Seaver has this information:

*  Number:  24688 [Is this driver's registration or an auto registration?]
*  Name:  Seaver, R.L.
*  Town:  Malheur
*  Car:  Ford-885895

Some entries have an address in the town or city.

I wondered what the title of the volume with this information was - here is the first image for this volume:

What could I do with information from this database?

*  I could track residences (town/city and address) from year to year
*  I could track vehicle types and makes from year to year.

I  could find no R.L. Seaver in my RootsMagic database or in the 1910 or 1920 U.S. Census records residing in Oregon.  I wonder who he (?) was?

If you have Oregon ancestors, this might be an interesting database to search.  I hope they add California next!  I would love to know what makes of automobiles that my Carringer and Auble ancestors had.

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Nancy said...

This is such an exciting find, Randy, not because I have any ancestors in Oregon but because it makes me hopeful that Ohio might have records like these that may someday become available. What fun!

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

This is a great resource. I found some cousins in the database and it's cool to see what kind of car/truck they drove. I think it's funny it's in the Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills category, which I may not have looked at!

Tanya said...

Great information Randy. I found information for my grandparents in 1946 and the make of their automobiles. They moved from California about then and I would surely like to see the information for later years.
Thank you