Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday's Genealogy Tip - Access 28 Genealogy Periodical Collections on AmericanAncestors.org

This week's Tuesday's Genealogy Tip is:  Access 28 different digitized genealogical periodical collections on the NEHGS' AmericanAncestors.org website.

One of the best bargains in the genealogy subscription world for me is a membership in the New England Historic Genealogical Society, which includes access to all of the digitized records and periodicals on the www.AmericanAncestors.org website.

After logging in with my membership credentials, I clicked on the Search > Databases links and selected "Advanced Search" which permitted me to select "Journals and Periodical" in the "Category" field.  I then clicked on the dropdown menu arrow for the "Database" field and saw the list of available periodicals that are searchable:

The remainder of the list is below:

The digitized periodicals available include:

*  American Ancestors Journal
*  American Ancestors Magazine
*  The American Genealogist
*  Connecticut Nutmegger
*  Deaths in the Christian Intelligencer (Reformed Dutch Church), 1830-1871

*  Deaths Recorded in the Boston Recorder and Telegraph, 1827 and 1828
*  Essex Antiquarian
*  The Essex Genealogist
*  Irish Immigrant Advertisements, 1831-1920 (Search for Missing Friends)
*  The Maine Genealogist

*  Marriage and Death Notices Published in New Hampshire Newspapers
*  Marriages and Deaths from the Springfield (MA) Republican, 1847
*  Marriages and Deaths in New York State from the New Canaan (CT) Era
*  Marriages in the Boston Recorder and Telegraph, 1827 and 1828
*  Marriages in the Christian Intelligencer (Reformed Dutch Church), 1830-1871

*  The Mayflower Descendant
*  NEHGS NEXUS: New England Across the United States
*  New England Ancestors Magazine
*  New England Historical and Genealogical Register
*  New Hampshire Gazette: Vital Records, 1756-1800

*  New Netherland Connections
*  New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
*  Otsego County, NY: Newspaper Records
*  Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine
*  Portsmouth, N.H.: Abstracts from Newspapers, 1776-1800

*  Records of Deaths and Marriages from the Albany Argus, 1826-1828
*  Rhode Island Roots
*  The Virginia Genealogist

Not every year is available for some of the periodicals listed above.

I put "seaver" in the surname field of the search form, and received 11,767 matches (not exact) for the Journals and Periodicals category (two screens below):

On the left-hand side is the list of different categories, including Journals and Periodicals.  From this list, I can see that there are, for instance, 4,499 matches in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  There were 2,329 matches in The Mayflower Descendant.

I selected The Mayflower Descendant and changed my search terms to "william" and "sever" and found 32 matches:

This collection of journals and periodicals is a gold mine for New England researchers (except for Vermont), and to a certain extent, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia researchers also.

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