Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Evidence Explained Website has Citation Examples, QuickLessons, QuickTips, Forums and More!

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Check out Elizabeth Shown Mills' website EvidenceExplained.com for citation examples, articles, tips and discussion forums.

The EvidenceExplained website home page provides links to Reviews, Book Content, Sample Text Pages, Sample QuickCheck Models, FAQ, Forums, QuickTips and Book Store.

I want to focus on the QuickLessons, the Forums and the QuickTips:

1)  In  the large frame above, there are links to four recent QuickLessons, which are periodical length articles.

The most recent is "QuickLesson 21: Citing DNA Evidence: Five Ground Rules:"

The other three recent QuickLessons include;

*  "QuickLesson 20:  Research Reports for Research Success"

*  "QuickLesson 19:  Layered Citations Work Like Layered Clothing"

*  "QuickLesson 18:  Genealogy? In the Academic World? Seriously?"

There is also a link to a QuickLessons Archive on the right sidebar of the home page.

2)  The Evidence Explained Forums are intended for discussion of source citation and Genealogical Proof Standard issues.  Elizabeth carries on a spirited and helpful conversation with her correspondents:

There are three main Forums, each with a number of discussion threads.  The three main forums are:

*  Citation Issues
*  Evidence Analysis Issues
*  Record Usage and Interpretation.

 3)  The Evidence Explained QuickTips page is a blog with timely articles written by Elizabeth:

4)  There is a wealth of information about proper research techniques, source citation principles, and much more on the Evidence Explained website. 

 If you haven't read this website before, I encourage you to review it carefully and embrace the principles discussed.

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Tessa Keough said...

Agree with you Randy and thanks for posting this timely reminder - ESM website has such a wealth of materials to assist researchers. Thanks for walking us through the site. My favorite part is the conversations where posters ask questions and everyone jumps in to work through the process. I learn so much from all the comments.