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ISFHWE Excellence in Writing Competition Winners Announced

I received this information from Tina Sansone of ISHFWE:



The International Society of Family History Writers and Editors is proud to announce the winners of the Excellence-in-Writing Competition. All entries were exceptional this year. 

Submission details for 2016 will be announced soon. For any questions on the competition, email Tina Sansone at

ISFHWE’s Excellence in Writing Competition

Category 1 - Columns

*  1st:  Ernest Thode - Ask Ernie
*  2nd: James M. Beidler - Roots & Branches: Painful, poignant visit to mentor’s grave
*  3rd Maureen Wlodarczyk - Genealogy: It’s not a tree or a chart…it’s a story!
*  HM Michael McKeag - Where to Finish? 1 - My Family History  
*  HM Carolyn Leonard - When the Cheering Stopped – the last years of Woodrow Wilson

Category 2 - Articles

*  1st: Barbara J Starmans, PLCGS - Married to the Army
*  2nd:  Maureen Wlodarczyk - Grazia Fucci Lipari
*  3rd:  George G. Morgan - Managing Your Speaking Engagements
*  HM: Sheri Hessick - MayDay! MayDay! Lost Behind Enemy Lines
*  HM: Vi Parsons - Root Cellar Preserves

Category 3 - Newsletters

*  1st:  Michelle D. Novak - The Archivist
*  2nd:  Stephen Gauss Harriman - Family Newsletter
*  3rd:  Kathryn Manz - Penn in Hand
*  HM:  Linda Vixie - Pike Peak Genealogical Society Newsletter
*  HM:  James M. Beidler - Der Kurier

Category 4 - Unpublished Authors

*  1st:  Elyse Hill - History Lessons Learned From a Birth Certificate
*  2nd: Wendy Wilson Spooner - Civil Registration and Census Development in Great Britain & America
*  3rd:  Catherine Smith - In a Flash
*  HM:  Louise A. Eckhardt - A Mystery within a Mystery 
*  HM: Diane Buescher - Finding Elusive Ancestors in Early German Church Records

Unpublished Material/Published Authors

*  1st:  David Harper - Corresponding Hearts
*  2nd:  Robyn Smith, of "Reclaiming Kin" Genealogy Blog - Minty’s Legacy: A Black Family in Slavery and Freedom
*  3rd: Dave Strausfeld - Hudie Streisfeld and her life in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
*  HM:  Ruth Randall, CG - Evidence of the Parentage of a Buffalo Solder: John Martin Daniels, Company I, 125th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
*  HM:  Carolyn Leonard - Dutch Letters

Category 6 - Poetry

*  1st:  Luanne Griffin - Going Home
*  2nd:  Casey Lin Brown - If I’d Met You
*  3rd:  Lisa Brahin Weinblatt - Great-Grandmother
*  HM:  Phyllis Matthews Ziller, MLIS - Finding Sarah 
*  HM:  Kenneth R. Castle, PhD - They are Calling to You


Congratulations to the winners.  Where do genealogy and family history blog posts fit?  Is it only in the "Articles" category?

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