Thursday, September 3, 2015

HistoryLines Adds New Features and Content

I received this information recently from HistoryLines:


Hello everyone! We've been moving fast---here's a brief update:


*  You can now add stories and events before and after a person's life

*  You can now add notes on each story section, if you are researching and collecting information, or noting sources

*  We have made dozens of tweaks to the story logic and format, and enhanced picture arrangement on the printable PDF.

*  You can now sign in to HistoryLines with a Google account

*  HistoryLines will email you as we add story content to your ancestors' stories

As more and more of you create and expand your stories, we hope you find this all useful! Check it out »


We have expanded our research and writing team, and making great progress on stories from Sweden, France, and Poland. We've also been having great fun with several states in the US, including California and Illinois. Floods, wars, uprisings. Town criers, literacy, and newspapers. So much great context and perspective! View your stories »


I revisited one of my HistoryLines timelines (for my grandfather, Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976)) and saw several improvements and additions:

There are now more stories generated by HistoryLines, and they list the newly added stories, presumably since the last time I accessed the HistoryLine for my grandfather, below the name and date.

If I click on one of the new stories listed, a popup window opens and I can read what was added.  Here is the story for "Call of the Wild:"

 And here is the story for the "Childbirth" story:

These stories have been added to the long HistoryLines information for my grandfather.

I like the concept of HistoryLines, and especially the capability to add my own Stories and to hide stories that really don't apply to the person.  I disagree with some of the views expressed in the history stories and feel that they are biased towards a view of history that I don't share.  But I'm not going to take the time to provide feedback.

I posted a series of articles about HistoryLines several months ago, including;

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