Thursday, March 10, 2016 Member Connect Now Shows You Records Attached to Other Trees

I don't recall seeing this "feature" on Ancestry Member Trees - perhaps it is old, perhaps it is new.  It was New to me today.

I was on the person profile for my 5th great-grandfather, Amos Plimpton (1735-1808) today:

I clicked on the "Member Connect" button on the menu ribbon above the Facts and Hints line:

This tells me that I have 15 connections for Amos Plimpton.  The first one is for One World Tree!  I thought that was eliminated a number of years ago.  It apparently is still on Ancestry somewhere, although it is not included in the Card Catalog (I checked).

Further down are the other 14 Ancestry Member Trees that have my Amos Plimpton in them.  The first one and the start of the second one is shown below:

The first one doesn't have any attached records, but the second one does - here is the next screen for the second tree on the list:

There were attached records on many of the 14 Ancestry Member Trees in this Member Connect system for Amos Plimpton.

I clicked on one of them to see the record:

I can "Save" this record to Amos Plimpton in my tree if I choose to.

In this Ancestry Member Tree, I have not attached any records to Amos Plimpton, so I have no "Accepted Hints."   The 11 "New Hints" on the "Hints" page are all of the items from the Member Connect trees plus one Hint for other Ancestry Member Trees..

This confirms what I thought was the case - the Hints are from records attached to other person's Ancestry Member Trees for the subject person, rather than from a search for the tree person.  


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dritchhart said...

Randy: I was playing with this same item a couple days ago and confirmed through a couple trials that even though there are records attached to family trees; the only source you get when you merge is to an Ancestry Family Tree. The only way to actually get the source to attach to a tree member is to "Save" it to a specified individual. It is really a shame that they can't figure out how to bring the source with the corresponding facts when merging with another family tree.

Geolover said...

This is not new. One does have to watch out for incorrect attachments, such as for US Census enumerations for persons who died long before the enumeration. For clickophiles, lots of opportunities for spreading erroneous material.

Barb said...

No, not new at all. I have used Member Connect for years as a way to keep up with the research of my cousins and researchers with a common interest. Its been a great tool but the feature took a dive when they switched to the new Ancestry. Everything was wiped out, all connections lost, and now there are some issues they are working on. I received a response to my inquiry, just yesterday, as to the status of the feature and was told their development team is working on the issue and right now the connections will keep getting wiped clean. I had worked on establishing these connections all over again when the feature was brought back only to lose them again. Now I will just wait it out until they get it fixed.

T said...

Be very very careful of the index only hints. Those can come from trees, not from a reliable source. Two specific "facts" I put in my tree while I researched were added to ancestry's "index only" fact even though I had specifically said "probably" and "perhaps". Suddenly it was a green leaf hint for MY tree! I used to think ancestry was right up there with sliced bread. Now it's more closely related to burnt toast.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that most hints come recommended from a hint matched to someone else's tree with the same or very similar person. Also because of some recent collaboration between FamilySearch and Ancestry, am pretty sure that if a person is in both trees and a hint is accepted on one or the other, it becomes a hint on the other tool. This concept is helpful if others are thinking before they attach hints - just wrote to someone to ask about a source for an 1880 census attached to a person who is shown deceased in 1865. The good news is that we're now collaborating together to figure out which facts attached to this person are correct.

Sharon said...

I have noticed (but did nothing about it until now) that there have been not additions of activity on my Member Connect since Feb 13. Looked for answer on forum and see a series of posts. Wondering if this new feature you're describing is related.