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2016 Top 100 Genealogy Websites by GenealogyInTime Magazine

GenealogyInTime Magazine has published their fifth annual Top 100 Genealogy Websites at  http://www.genealogyintime.com/articles/top-100-genealogy-websites-of-2016-page01.html.

This is a wonderful service for genealogists the world over.  Their measurement criteria is described as:

"Internet traffic can be a tricky thing to measure. It is more than just the number of visitors to a website. Other important considerations include the amount of content consumed by a typical visitor to the website and the amount of time spent at the website. Thus, our rankings are based on a combination of three factors: visitors, content and time. The result is an objective and independent ranking of the top 100 genealogy websites."

The Top 100 genealogy websites for 2016 are on the second page of the article:

For the first time, I think, they have published some of the statistics for some of the websites.  for instance, on page 3.   For instance, Ancestry has an average of 136,000 daily visitors, while Find A Grave has 39,000 daily visitors.  The 10th ranked site, Findmypast UK has 11,000 daily visitors.  I was surprised by these numbers - I thought that these numbers would be much higher.  If Ancestry has 2 million subscribers, that means that only about 7% of subscribers visit every day.

On pages 3 and 4, there is discussion about the Top 10 websites, and on page 5 is a listing of the Top 10 Free websites.

Page 6 has the Top 10 new additions to the list, and the rising stars.  MooseRoots jumped onto the Top 100 list at number 16, which is an amazing accomplishment.  FamilyTreeNow jumped from #63 to #17.  RootsMagic jumped from #73 to #40.

 Page 7 has Genealogy Websites Worth Knowing (including several blogs).  I was happy to see Genea-Musings and DearMYRTLE on that list.

There are four genealogy blogs on the Top 100 list:

*  Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter at #43
*  The Legal Genealogist at #76
*  DNAeXplained at #92
*  Geneabloggers at #95

There are several genealogy websites that I have not visited and probably should visit, including:

*  #37 MyRelatives.com - this looks like a telephone book and address lookup service.
*  #93 RecordsBase.com - this looks like a public records site - it took a long time to work.
*  #97 Katagogi - this page was blank when I clicked it several times.


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