Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finding Canada Record Collections on Findmypast

I wondered what records from Canada are on the Findmypast website today, so I clicked on the "A-Z of record sets" link on the home page, and saw:

There is a Search field on the screen above, so I entered "Canada" and an alphabetical list of 217 databases from Canadian resources appeared.

I wanted Ontario records, so I entered Ontario in the Search field and a shorter list of 120 databases was listed.

I scrolled down the list and selected "Ontario, Canada - Baptism Records of Rev. John Langhorn (Church of England) Of Fredericksburgh, 1787-1813."  I added "kemp" as a name in the "Name" field on the screen below:

The search for "Kemp" resulted in 12 results:

I decided to look for the 1795 baptism of my third great-grandfather, Abram Kemp (1795-1861), which I thought had occurred in Fredericksburgh.  After clicking on the "Document" icon for several of the results, I found the baptism record on page 14.  Here is the top of the Findmypast page with the text document embedded below:

Further down is the embedded page image from the referenced book:

At the bottom of the list of Baptisms for 1795 is the entry for Abram Kemp.  The record says:

"Abram, son John and Mary Kemp ........Fredericksburgh,  Dec. 13"

I can download the page as a PDF using the down arrow on the right-hand side of the black header line just above the document.  I could also print the document out using the printer icon.

I found quite a few Kemp records in this work, and need to search it for Dafoe entries also.  There is another baptism register for Fredericksburgh and a burial register also.

Then there are the other record collections available for Ontario!  I may be busy for awhile!

If you have Canadian ancestry, you may find some very useful documents and records in the Findmypast record collections.  Unfortunately, I don't see the Canada Census records on Findmypast yet.  I hope they add them soon!


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Anonymous said...

> Unfortunately, I don't see the Canada Census records on Findmypast yet. I hope they add them soon!

The Canada Census is freely searchable (except 1921) on the Library and Archives Canada website http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/pages/census.aspx. The search features are limited compared to Ancestry, FamilySearch, et al, but it is free, after all.