Thursday, August 18, 2016

Am I Related to Donald Trump?

When my grandsons were here last weekend, we talked about some of the famous people they know that we are related to - like Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, and Tom Seaver.  They then  asked me if we were related to Donald Trump.  

I didn't know, so I went to both and WikiTree to find out.

1)  On, they found a relationship as 16th cousins:

The common ancestors are:  William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal (1425-1482) and his wife, Mariotta Muriella Erskine (1430-1482).  My line goes through the Keith, Tullibardene, Rishford, Boithes, Best and Shaw families to Abraham Tucker (1653-1725) of Dartmouth, Mass.  I don't know if Martha Shaw was them other of Abraham Tucker or not.  If she wasn't then my line back to the Keith couple is inaccurate.

So, is a MAYBE.

2)  On WikiTree, they found no matches in a blood relationship, and no matches in a marriage or adoption within 10 steps.  

So, WikiTree is a NO.

3)  I'm afraid that I will have to tell my grandchildren that I don't think we are related to Donald Trump.  It's OK, the grandsons weren't big fans of The Donald anyway!

I wonder if we're related to Hillary (Rodham) Clinton?  Tune in Next week!


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T said...

I wonder what percentage of family historians care if they are related to someone "famous". I have never checked any of it except for the family legend we are related to Jack Bailey, Queen for a Day. I was not able to prove it. Being a 10th cousin 12 times removed is really reaching for a relationship. I am related to hundreds of surnames. I don't consider that a claim to fame.