Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NGS Announces a New Course in its American Genealogical Studies Series: Branching Out

I received this press release from NGS today:


NGS Announces a New Course in its American Genealogical Studies Series: Branching Out

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ARLINGTON, VA, 16 August 2016—The National Genealogical Society (NGS) announces the release of Branching Out, the newest online, cloud-based learning course in the American Genealogical Studies (AGS) series. Branching Out is comprised of five modules on topics designed to enhance genealogical research skills of both family historians and those interested in pursuing careers as professional genealogists. 

*   “Cemeteries, Tombstones, and Funeral Homes” introduces the family historian to the various types of cemeteries (i.e., public and church owned), provides resources for finding cemeteries, and discusses source records including registers, deeds, plat maps, mortuary records, monument maker’s records, etc. 
*   “Religious Records” offers a comprehensive review of religious records such as baptisms, confirmations, and bar/bat mitzvahs as well as membership, business, and ministerial records. This module also delves more deeply into records of ten selected religions. 
*   “Newspaper Research” covers the basics but then expands into a discussion of ethnic language, labor, occupational, political, and religious newspapers. Students learn how to find newspapers in libraries, archives, at genealogical and historic societies, and on the internet, and how to delve into the information found in obituaries, reports of military actions, and legal announcements to advance their research. 
*   “Research in the Courthouse – Probate Records” teaches how to mine valuable information from wills, codicils, property appraisals, estate sales, and more, which researchers can find in courthouses, libraries, colleges, historic societies, and online. 
*   “Research in the Courthouse – Deeds” explores finding and analyzing various types of land records such as warranty, quitclaim, and deeds of trust as well as bills of sales, dower releases, indentures, marriage contracts, and much more.

Each module of the series contains course readings, lessons, quizzes, and assignments tailored to help you hone your skills as you increase your proficiency in reading, transcribing, deciphering, and citing numerous genealogical documents. 

AGS series is designed to systemically help those interested in delving deeper into their roots and build on their genealogical research knowledge. As such, students must have successfully completed prerequisite courses. For more information and to sign up, go to American Genealogical Studies: Branching Out.

Founded in 1903, the National Genealogical Society is dedicated to genealogical education, exemplary standards of research, and the preservation of genealogical records.  The Arlington, Virginia, based nonprofit is the premier national society for everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced family historian, seeking excellence in publications, educational offerings, and guidance in research. It also offers many opportunities to interact with other genealogists. Please visit the NGS Pressroom for further information.


This course costs $175 for NGS members, and $200 for non-NGS members.  You need to have completed the first three modules of the American Genealogical Studies Series before taking this course.

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