Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More Good News - Updated Their Ancestry Member Tree Indexes Again

I wrote Good News: Ancestry Member Trees Indexes Were Updated on 29 August 2016 after updated their Ancestry Member Tree Indexes for the first time since February 2016.

In that blog post, I added spouses for the three daughters of Solfest Johannessen (1812-1845) and Anna Ellingsdtr (1812-1901), including source citations for their vital events.  

I asked the question:  "How long will it take for to update the Member Tree indexes?  A week, a month, a year?"  Several readers commented - one saying "a few months after you rattle their cage again."  LOL!

Well, we have an answer:  It took about one month (I think).  I admit that I forgot to check the index for the three spouses for several weeks in late September.  When I looked on 1 October, there the three spouses were in the index.  

1)  Here is a screen shot for my search for Thorvald Olsen Hegg, spouse of Ragnhild Solfestdtr:

As you can see, there was only one match for this person, and it was the entry in my Ancestry Member Tree.

2)  I went to the profile for Thorvald Olsen Hegg and added a child to the family - I added Oscar Theodore Hegg (1874-1944), and I added Oscar Hegg's wife also to this tree. 

3)  On Oscar Theodore Hegg's page, I added sources for his birth, marriage and death:

Now we will see when Oscar Theodore Hegg is indexed in the Ancestry Member Tree.  I'll bet it is by the end of October.

I did not a source for the birth of his wife, but there is a source for their marriage.  We will see if a search for Naomi Floberg (1878-????) turns up a match because of the marriage source.

4)  I noted also that there are 9 Hints for Oscar Theodore Hegg almost immediately after I added him to my tree.  Here is the Hints page for Oscar:

Note also that Ancestry provided the relationship of Oscar Theodore Hegg to me - the first cousin 2 times removed of wife."  I like that extra information!

5)  This is more good news - indexed the Ancestry Member Trees without having their cage rattled.  Let's see if they continue to be proactive with indexing the trees.


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