Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2016 Conference Videos on YouTube

The Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2016 conference was recently held in Ireland, and many (all?) of the presentations are online on the Genetic Genealogy Ireland page:

I have watched one of the videos so far - Diahan Southard's presentation on The Marriage of Genetics and Genealogy - a Case Study, which tells the story about her search with her mother for her mother's birth parents.  I have embedded it below:

This is an excellent review of genetic genealogy progress over the years, and a very inspiring story about the search for Diahan's mother's birth parents.

At present, there are 13 videos of presentations from Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2016, plus videos from earlier years.


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mbm1311 said...

Thank you for calling this Diahan Southward presentation to our attention. I always enjoy her but this really looks at DNA tests from many different points of view and perhaps a person's point of view will change over time.