Wednesday, December 7, 2016

RootsMagic 7 Updated - Fixes FamilySearch Family Tree Sync Problem

I was working in RootsMagic 7 yesterday matching my RootsMagic persons with FamilySearch Family Tree profiles, and all of a sudden every person had multiple spouses, and in addition to the correct spouse(s), their in-laws, parents and children were their spouses also, and their grandkids were their children.  Here is the FamilySearch Person Tools screen for my grandfather, Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942):

 He had another 9 spouses and more children according to FamilySearch!  But when I went to the profile in the FamilySearch Family Tree, he had only the correct one spouse and seven children.  Every person I had matched using RootsMagic was like this.  Obviously, something was wrong.

So I went to the RootsMagic Facebook group, and posted:

"Have a problem in the FamilySearch Person Tools. All of my matched profiles show extraneous spouses - in-laws, parents, children, etc. The FamilySearch Family Tree profiles don't show all of those spouses and relationships. Did FS mess up the API?"

Before long, I had the answer.  Renee Zamora answered:

"FamilySearch made changes today that require an update to RootsMagic. Our next update will fix this issue."

And today, when I opened RootsMagic I got the Update message and installed Version easily.  Now the FamilySearch Person Tools work correctly!

Only one spouse and seven children!  Whew!

The latest RootsMagic newsletter was in my email this afternoon, saying:

"We have released a new minor update for RootsMagic 7 users, version  This update addresses a problem with changes in FamilySearch which caused RootsMagic to display other relatives as spouses and children on the Share Data screen.  It also adds a couple of recently dedicated LDS temples."

This email newsletter also noted that this was not an Update with the Ancestry sync feature.  That is coming soon, but may not be available by the end of 2016 as promised earlier.  The newsletter said:

"Anyways, I am going to be writing a blog post in the next day or so which spells out where we are, how we got there, and what is coming.  But don't worry, we aren't talking about a 6 month delay or anything like that.  We just want to make sure that when we release these new features, you can depend on them working right, and keeping your data safe."

I'll wait.  Patiently.  Tomorrow, we should have more news.

I need to make a GEDCOM file in RootsMagic soon and upload it to a new Ancestry Member Tree on Ancestry with all of my additions to my database since August 2014.  I can do that at any time but I will do it just before I start syncing my RootsMagic database with the new Ancestry Member Tree so I only have to sync newly found data after the sync feature is available.

If you have RootsMagic 7, and need to use the FamilySearch Person Tools to match profiles and/or add or edit data to either your RootsMagic database or the FamilySearch Family Tree, you should install the RootsMagic Version update immediately.  


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