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Visiting the Liberty Lutheran Churchyard in Deerfield, Wisconsin -- Post 442 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

During our 2011 vacation to Springfield, Illinois and surrounding states, we had one day in Dane County, Wisconsin  finding Natvig and Leland homes and graves.  I wrote about it in Day 12 on the Seaver Midwest Genealogy Tour (posted 17 September 2011).

After finding the Natvig ancestral home area, we moved on to Deerfield in the eastern part of Dane County, and stopped at the St. Paul's Liberty Lutheran Church.  My notes for this part of the day say:

"The second stop was at the St. Paul Liberty Lutheran Church in Deerfield town, which is on Oak Park Road just north of US 12.  The church is absolutely beautiful, with large stained glass windows on the east and south sides of the building.  I knew that Linda's great-grandparents, Torger and Ann (Natvig) Leland, and her great-great-grandfather, Severt Leland, were buried there, along with Torger's brother, Frank Leland.  I just didn't know where.  We both walked it, and I finally found Severt in the back of the south section, directly in back of the church, almost to the cemetery line and on the right-hand side of the cemetery.   We then walked the right-hand section on the north side of the church, and I finally found the stones for Torger, Anna and Frank near the cemetery line in back and on the right-hand side of the cemetery.  I took pictures of the cemetery entrance and the stones.  They look pretty much like the ones on Find-a-Grave!"  
Here are some of my photos:

1)  The church from the parking area:

2)  Here is Linda with the gravestone for 2nd great-grandfather Severt Torgerson Leland (104-1889):

3)  A view of the church from the south side:

4)  The gravestone for Torger and Anna (Natvig) Leland in the cemetery:

 5)  The gravestone for Torger and Anna, and Frank Leland, are shown in the foreground of the photo below, with the church building to the southeast:

Next week we will visit Linda's ancestral home town of Deerfield in Dane County, Wisconsin.


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