Monday, December 19, 2016

RootsTech 2017 Innovator Summit Semi-Finalists Announced

I read this online (it wasn't released via a press release to bloggers - I wonder why?):


Thank you for participating in the RootsTech Innovator Showdown.  After a rigorous judging process, the semi-finalists have been selected. Congratulations to those who have made it this far!  Each of the semi-finalists is invited to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, where the final round of judging will take place in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. We look forward to seeing who comes out on top!

The 2017 semi-finalists are:

*  Champollion 2.0 -- Champollion 2.0 is a software that brings a helpful set of tools for any work dealing with digitized ancient manuscripts.

*  CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing -- the newest technology available to genealogy societies and special interest groups for indexing their records.

*  Cuzins -- an app that will show you how you’re related to celebrities, living and dead, how celebrities are related to each other, and also how you’re related to friends, co-workers, or even spouses.

*  Double Match Triangulator -- combines two different people's Chromosome Browser Results files from FamilyTreeDNA to provide Double Match and Triangulation data that can be used to help determine genealogical relationships. 

*  Emberall -- Capture, organize, store and share the life history of a loved one - from your smartphone in as little as 30 minutes!

*  JoyFLIPS -- provides the tools to scan, curate and share the thousands of print photos in each of our families, and to pass down the stories they tell.

*  Kindex -- anyone can 1) gather records into a single digital archive, 2) transcribe and tag records, and 3) search and share their archive. 

*  OldNews USA -- With OldNews USA, you can quickly discover interesting stories and articles in historical US newspapers, using the Library of Congress Chronicling America collection of over 11 million newspaper pages from 1789 to 1922.

*  QromaTag -- an iOS application that makes it easy to put the most important parts of a story into any photo in a way that will survive for generations.

*  RootsFinder -- RootsFinder meets the needs of the advanced genealogist while also making family history easy and fun for the next generation.

We want you to know how difficult the decisions were as we narrowed the field in preparation for the conference. There were so many interesting technologies and excellent solutions to choose from. We hope all of those who entered the Showdown will consider coming to RootsTech, to participate in the largest family history and technology conference in the world. To make it easier, we are offering each participant a special discount on full conference passes to RootsTech.  We will send you a promo code to use for a discount on RootsTech passes in a future update.

In addition to the conference discount, we are also offering a special opportunity for you to showcase your product or service in front of the 23,000 attendees that are expected to visit the Expo Hall during the show. If you are interested, we can get you a mini-booth (5x10ft) in an area we call “Innovator Alley.” This area gets a lot of traffic, and is a very cost effective way for new innovators to make a splash at RootsTech. Submit your request at the Exhibitor page. If you have questions, feel free to use the Discussion area for RootsTech on Devpost.

See Christine Woodcock's blog post about being on the selection team here.

Jill Ball's post about being on the selection team is here.

I hope to check out each of these in the next month and perhaps comment upon them.


DISCLOSURE:  I am a RootsTech Ambassador and as such have received a complimentary RootsTech and Innovator Summit Pass.

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Randy said...

I like the Qroma one.

GeniAus said...

Randy, The news was released to Rootstech Ambassadors via Christine in our Ambassadors Facebook Group.