Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2012 Visit to Oslo, Norway -- Post 456 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Linda and I flew to Norway through London for the 2012 Legacy Family Tree cruise out of Oslo to Le Havre, Dublin, Liverpool and Edinburgh during May 2012.

We had met Torill Johnsen of Oslo in February at RootsTech, and she had said "If you come to Oslo, we can go to the Archives."

So we did - here are some photos from the Oslo visit with Torill:

1)  On our second day in Oslo, Torill picked us up in the early afternoon (we slept in due to jet lag), and we did some sightseeing.  In the hills above Oslo is the Riksarkivet which is the national archives of Norway:

2)  Torill guided us around, and we found the Voss bygdebok with Linda's families in it:

3)  Linda has the book opened to the cover page:

4)  After more touring, and visiting some shops, we took Torill out to dinner at a downtown restaurant:

5)  Randy and Torill at the restaurant:

She returned us to our hotel after dinner and we tried to recover from the jet lag so we could board our Royal Caribbean ship on the next day.


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