Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - The Day Your Grandfather Was Born

Hey genea-folks, 
it's Saturday Night again, 

 time for more Genealogy Fun!


Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it, is to:

What day of the week was your Grandfather born (either one)? Tell us how you found out.

2) What has happened in recorded history on your Grandfather's birth date (day and month)? Tell us how you found out, and list five events.

3)  What famous people have been born on your Grandfather's birth date?  Tell us how you found out, and list five of them.

4)  Put your responses in your own blog post, in a comment on this blog post, or in a status or comment on Facebook.

Here's mine (I will refrain from sharing how I found things out):

1)  I picked my paternal grandfather, Frederick Walton Seaver, who was born on 9 October 1876 in Leominster, Massachusetts.

**  9 October 1876 was a Monday.

2)  U.S. History Events on 9 October:

**  In 1788, Connecticut became the 5th state to be admitted to the United States
**  In 1857, the 1857 Fort Tejon earthquake strikes California, registering an estimated magnitude of 7.9.
**  In 1861, the "Star of the West" incident occurs near Charleston, South Carolina. It is considered by some historians to be the "First Shots of the American Civil War".
**  In 1918, Battle of Bear Valley: The last battle of the American Indian Wars.
**  In 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the first IPhone (original) or iPhone.

3)  Some famous historical persons born on 9 October:

**  In 1886, Rube Marquard, an American baseball player.
**  In 1890, Aimee Semple McPherson, an American evangelist and radio preacher.
**  In 1903, Walter O'Malley, the owner of the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers
**  In 1922, Fyvush Finkel, an Actor
**  In 1940, John Lennon, British musician, member of the Beatles

4)  Done!


Copyright (c) 2017, Randall J. Seaver

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Yvonne Demoskoff said...

Hi, Randy. I've done my answers at my blog:

Janice M. Sellers said...

Here's my contribution for this week:

Mary Rohrer Dexter said...

Here is the link to my post for this week:

Suzanne McClendon said...

Here is the link to my post this week:

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

I enjoyed this one and chased many rabbits along the way. Thanks for an entertaining and educational evening, Randy!

Have a blessed day.

Linda Stufflebean said...

I couldn't make up my mind which grandfather to use so I did both.

Seeds to Tree said...

My grandfather, George Smarsty's birthday was on Wednesday, Feb 19, 1896. He used to say that his birthday was part of three important birthday celebrations, his, Abe Lincoln's on February 12th, and George Washington's on February 22nd. Grandpa's was in the middle. (That's in the old days when we used to celebrate these holiday's separately, instead of President's Day on the third Monday in February.) I didn't always know his birthdate, but would know to send him a card right after Lincoln's birthday and it would get to him on time.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to my post - thank you for this challenge! I wasn't aware that both my grandfathers were born on a friday in a leap-year. :)

Nancy Ward Remling said...

Here is mine:

Mary Rohrer Dexter said...

Jacquie - it is very neat that your grandfather's birthday is between two presidents.

Mary Rohrer Dexter said...

Randy - I am very impressed with the historical events you were able to find. And John Lennon! How cool is that?