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Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1904 Marriage License/Certificate for Severt Leland and Amelia Brocke

This week's Tuesday treasure is the 1904 Marriage License and Certificate for Severt Leland and Amelia Brocke in Helena, Lewis and Clark county, Montana:

The extracted information, from the right-hand page of the above image, includes (with handwritten entries in italics):

                              MARRIAGE LICENSE                                                   No.  3859

To Any Person Authorized to Solemnize Marriages, Greeting:
You are hereby authorized to join in lawful wedlock and to celebrate within this County the rites and ceremonies
of marriage between                 Severt Leland 
of                                                London, Wis.,
Aged 25 years, __ months, __ days  Color:  white
born at                                       Madison, Wis.
not previously married
son of                                          T.S. Leland
His mother's maiden name was Annie Natvig
And                                              Amelia Brocke
Of Kendrick, Idaho
Aged 19 years, __ months, __ days, Color: white
Born at   Kendrick, Idaho
not  previously married
Daughter of                                 N. Brocke 
Her mother's maiden name was  Annie Greaser
and this shall be your good and sufficient warrant therefor.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and official seal this  11th
day of  Feby  , A.D.  1904.
                                                    FinlaylucRae    District Clerk
                                                   by William T. Condon  Deputy

                                                         MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE
County of Lewis and Clarke }
This certifies that the undersigned, a  Minister of the Gospel
did, on the  12  day of  Feb.  A,.D.  1904, at  Helena, Mont.
join in lawful wedlock  Severt Leland
and                                 Amelia Brocke
with their mutual consent and in accordance with the  laws of Mont. and the rules of the
M.E. Church
S.E. Hughes      } Witnesses                   Severt Leland
Jennie V. Smith }                                    Amelia Brocke
                                                                R.P. Smith
Filed for record the  1st  day of  March,  A.D.  1904, at 10 o'clock A.M.
                                                                FinlaylucRae             Clerk
                                                          by William T. Condon    Deputy

The source citation for this record is:

"Montana County Marriages, 1865–1950", indexed database with digital images, FamilySearch (https//familysearch.org), "Lewis and Clarke County, Vol. H (1903-1908)," page 373 (image 95 of 700), Severt Leland and Amelia Brocke entry.

The Leland family resided in Gardiner, Montana in 1904, and the Brocke family resided in Kendrick, Idaho.  I don't know why they married in Helena - perhaps they met and married in a place away from their families.

Severt Oliver Leland (1878-1940) and Amelia Anna Brocke (1884-1975) are my wife's paternal grandparents.  They had four children born in Montana between 1904 and 1911, and one born in San Francisco in 1915.


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Charles said...

They may have knew the minister or just a quick stop on the train.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

That's a great find with a nice clear image. When I find a document like this written in a legible hand I want to thank the person who recorded it.