Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Legacy Family Tree 9 Cause of Death Charts

I wanted to check out the new "Cause of Death" Legacy Family Tree chart in Version 9, but at first glance I found no way to obtain it.  I couldn't find a "how-to" in the Help section.  So I looked at the blog post "Legacy 9's New Cause of Death Charts" (posted 22 May 2017) and found the easy directions.

I had to open the Legacy Charting program on the "My Toolbar" menu in Legacy to see the Chart menu:

Down at the bottom is the "Special" category with "Cause of Death" highlighted.  I had to pick one of the other chart style on the "Special" line to get what I wanted - I clicked on "Ancestry" to get an Ancestry chart.  The other opportunities are for "Descendant," "Fan," "Hour Glass" or "Bow Tie."

When I picked "Ancestry," the chart opened and I increased the number of generations to 6:

If I printed this out, it would be on 9 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper.

I zoomed in using my mouse wheel and scrolled down and sideways using the scroll bars, and saw the top of the chart

Each box has the person's name on the left side and the cause of death on the right side separated by a vertical line.  Here is a close-up of a part of the chart:

I figured out how to change the color scheme and made a four color Fan chart:

Now I need to go look at the records I have to add the Cause of Death for the folks I don't have information for.

By the way, in Legacy Family Tree you click on the "Notes" icon and enter the Cause of Death in the "Medical Notes" for each person (I had to look in the Help section for this!):

I like the Cause of Death chart - I hope that Legacy Family Tree creates several more charts like this using the "Special" style - Place of birth, Place of death, Place of marriage, Occupation, etc.


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