Tuesday, May 23, 2017

23andMe Modified Their mtDNA Report

One of the real benefits of tasking a 23andMe DNA test is that they provide not only autosomal ethnicity and match results with a chromosome browser, but also they tell you your mitochondrial DNA (myDNA) haplogroup and, if you are a male, your Y-chromosome haplogroup.  No other DNA test company provides all of that information for one price by taking one test.

23andMe recently modified their mitochondrial DNA report and I thought my readers might be interested in seeing it.

From the 23andMe home page, the user can select Ancestry Reports:

The Ancestry Report page tells me my maternal (mtDNA) haplogroup (K1b2b), my paternal haplogroup (R-P311), my largest ethnicity percentage (47.9% British and Irish) that I have 1,229 DNA Relatives, and that I have more Neanderthal ancestry than 98% of their customers.

I clicked on the "Maternal Haplogroup" link and saw (three screens)

This tells me that my maternal haplogroup K1b2b is relatively rare (less than 0.1% of all persons have it), originated in Africa and moved to the Caucasus about 27,000 years ago, and some of the people in the K1 haplogroup migrated into Western Europe about 15,000 years ago, and mutations have occurred to create K1b2b about 6,500 years ago.

Most genealogists know that the mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to child, so I share it with my brothers, my mother, her mother, her mother, on back for over 200 generations.


Disclosure:  I paid for my 23andMe DNA test several years ago, and have received no compensation or gifts from the company.

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Louis Kessler said...

Well we're close on the mtDNA haplogroup. I'm K1a1b1a. That's only about 15,000 years apart.

alyssa said...

i’m k1b2b as well!

Unknown said...

I'm k1b2b also. What is your ancestry? I'm 100% European, mostly German and English.

Unknown said...

I'm K1b2b also. Maternal line: Olsen, Segar, Raynor, Whitfield, Mackee, Nicolson. I will check back to see if anyone is related within these generations. thank you, Emeralde62

Petra said...

I'm also K1b2b. Maternal line is Fannan, Martin, Brewer, Rhodes, Arnold