Wednesday, June 28, 2017

GREAT NEWS: RootsMagic Now Has Ancestry TreeShare and WebHints Activated

This is great news for Rootsmagic users!  

RootsMagic announced this morning that It's Here! RootsMagic Releases Ancestry Features and announced RootsMagic Brings Ancestry Features to Their Desktop Software.

1)  I checked for Updates on my RootsMagic when I saw these blog posts, and was able to download and install RootsMagic Version to my Windows 7 computer.

2)  To activate the Ancestry features, the RootsMagic user has to go to Internet > TreeShare and sign into Ancestry with their user credentials.  When I did that, I was invited to either download an Ancestry Member Tree to RootsMagic or upload a RootsMagic tree to a new Ancestry Member Tree.

At the bottom of the screen above is a link to View tutorial videos and help on using TreeShare and WebHints for Ancestry.  I clicked on that and saw:

There is a Video for "Getting Started with TreeShare and WebHints for Ancestry" from the RootsMagic TV YouTube channel.

3)  I was curious as to what the WebHints for Ancestry look like.  I clicked on one of the yellow light bulbs in my tree, and it said I needed to connect a RootsMagic tree with Ancestry in order to see Ancestry WebHints.  So I have to connect a RootsMagic file to an Ancestry Member Tree.

4)  I decided to upload my current RootsMagic master database (about 48,000 persons) to Ancestry as a new Ancestry Member Tree.  When I clicked on the link to "Upload to new Ancestry tree" I saw a menu with options:

I decided not to upload my media or notes and to keep this tree private for now.  I clicked on the button to "Create Ancestry Tree and Upload RootsMagic File."

During the upload, the "TreeShare for Ancestry" screen has a progress bar for the three tasks, which are:

*  Uploading media to Ancestry
*  Uploading tree to Ancestry
*  Collecting changes from Ancestry

The progress bar shows that, after 5 minutes, the program has uploaded 17% of my People and 19% of all information.  I wonder how it knows the latter?

The upload started at 9:42 a.m. and finished at 10:20 a.m.  It took 38 minutes to upload this new Ancestry Member Tree.  There are 48,087 persons in this RootsMagic tree.  I wonder how long it would take to upload a GEDCOM of this tree to a new Ancestry Member Tree?

After uploading, the TreeShare screen says it is "Collecting changes from Ancestry."  Huh?  It's a brand new tree!  I wonder what information it is collecting?

We interrupt this GM News broadcast in order to attend a genealogy society picnic with food and old photographs and genealogy fun.  I will write more blog posts about TreeShare and WebHints later today and on into the future.

5)  I do have a question:  What happened to RootsMagic Version and Version  I had Version yesterday and Version today.  

6)  Did I mention that this updated version of RootsMagic is FREE to download and use by current Version 7 users?  Thank you, RootsMagic!


Copyright (c) 2017, Randall J. Seaver

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RootsMagic said...

We spent so much time working on this update that we decided to jump the version all the way to just to make us feel better ;-)