Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dear Randy: How Do I Post a Find A Grave Hint on

Reader Vivian asked in email:  "I would like to know how to post a hint to Ancestry.  After creating a Find A Grave memorial, how do I post this to my relative’s profile on  Am I missing some obvious step?"

My response was:

I don't think you can post a "Hint" to Ancestry.  Ancestry provides Hints to you based on their searching for records for one of your tree persons.  You can then attach the Fact and source to your Ancestry Member Tree person.

I don't know how often Ancestry updates their Find A Grave indexes.  It may be weekly or monthly or even longer.  The Card Catalog says they last updated Find A Grave on 13 July 2017.  Your new Find A Grave memorial should appear in an Ancestry search when Ancestry updates the database.  However, it may take more time for Ancestry to provide a Hint to you for the memorial.  

I suggest that you add the Burial Fact from the new memorial to the person in your Ancestry Member Tree, and add your own source citation for the memorial.  That should "stimulate" Ancestry to provide the Hint that you could then attach and source.

As an example, here is the burial record on for my grandaunt, Grace (Richmond) (Shaw) Moody (1876-1963), who died and was buried in Leominster, Massachusetts:

My preference is to take a screen shot of the Find A Grave memorial and upload that image to the Gallery for the person in my Ancestry Member Tree, such as:


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bgwiehle said...

Hi Randy!
The new FindAGrave BETA has a "Save to" button on each memorial that includes ancestry (trees) as one of the options.

BETA is live and running in parallel with the old site. Now is the time for visitors and memorial owners to help test and improve the site.

Gayle said...

I often want to copy a gravestone photo to Ancestry but maybe that gets into copyright issues? However I am cautious when using facts from Find a Grave having often found errors that using it as a source would pass on to others. Or it could be edited after the fact and my original findings would no longer be referenced there.

Greenhill39 said...

I also am cautious about considering Find-A-Grave as a source document. It is a helpful clue but I need a much more substantial fact to accept the info on Find-A-Grave, Of course we all want that illusive primary source. I tend to copy the link to find a grave rather than pulling the actual photo. As Randy suggests we could screen print the entire page which would help credit the photo to its source. Find A Grave is definitely a web source that needs the date accessed recorded.