Wednesday, November 1, 2017

AncestryDNA Modified The DNA Story Section

AncestryDNA has modified their DNA Story section and I think I like it.

Here is my DNA Home Page:

The "DNA Story" section is on the left side of the screen.

I clicked on it and saw:

On the screen above, there is a text box on the left side that includes the Ethnicity Estimate, and Migrations (in my case, I have two Communities).

On the right side, is a map showing the three major ethnicity areas in Europe and the two Communities in North America. [Note: Your map may vary depending on all of the ethnicity and migration factors for your case.]

Along the bottom of the screen are time markers - the screen above goes from 1700 to 1925 in 25 year increments.  The screen above is for 1700.

The map screen for 1750 is:

Now there are colored circles with numbers in them, and migration paths (although not for my ancestors - I don't have any in the American South).

Note that on the left are "People in Your Tree" with a list of events for the year.

The map for 1800:

I was curious about the colored circles, so I clicked on the one in England with the number 5 in the circle.  I zoomed in a bit, to see that there were dark orange circles for selected population centers, and small light green circles in Somerset and Wiltshire:

I clicked on the Wiltshire circle with the number 3 in it, and a list of three ancestors who resided there in the early 1800s appeared:

There are several more ancestors who resided in Wiltshire in the 1800 to 1825 time period, but they aren't shown for some reason.

I can zoom in to the village level on the map using the mouse wheel:

In the lower right-hand corner of the maps, there is a white stick pin.  I clicked on it while looking at the 1850 map, and saw:

An information box opened with the colored circles indicating ancestral birthplaces based on my tree, and the gray circles indicating birthplaces based on my DNA.  I didn't see any of the latter on the 1850 map.

What about the last period, 1925-1950?

The map has two ancestor circles - one with my father's photo in Massachusetts, and one in San Diego with the number 2.

All of this is nice and colorful, and actually uses at least some of the information in my tree.  I don't know why it doesn't include all of the person residing in a location in the specific time period.  It seems like it should show all ancestral events in a time segment.  For instance, my birth was in San Diego in 1943.


Disclosure:  I am an Ancestry subscription user, and have received material considerations from over the past 10 years.  I received a complimentary AncestryDNA test kit as a beta tester several years ago.

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