Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Creating "We Remember" Memorials on - FREE, Easy? announced their newest product, called We Remember on the blog today - see Introducing We Remember – Free Online Memorials.

I have wanted something like this for decades - full featured, easy to use, easy to share, easy for family and friends to contribute to, and FREE.  After my first experiences, I think that We Remember ticks all of my boxes.

But how easy is it to use?  I tried it out, by making a memorial for my mother, and then creating one for my father.  First, though, I had to create a Login and provide an email and a password.  After I created the first memorial, I received an email to verify my account.

I will use my father's memorial as the example:

1)  On the We Remember page, I clicked on the "Create a Memorial" link:

2)  On the new memorial page, I added content to the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth Date and Death Date fields, and then to the fields for where they last lived:

I clicked the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen (not shown above).

3)  The next screen starts the memory portion of the memorial.  I added a photograph (I chose him as a young married man), and added a Tribute headline (which has a 250 character limit):

Further down the page is the field to add an obituary of short biography.  I chose to copy the biography that is in my Person Notes in RootsMagic, and pasted it into the field.  There is a 10,000 character limit on this field.

I edited the biography a bit, and when I was finished I clicked on the "Next" button.

4)  The last step is to identify "How did you know Frederick Seaver?"  I selected the "Family" icon and added "eldest son" to the field to identify the relationship.

I clicked on the "Create Memorial" button.

5)  The memorial appeared with the content I had entered.

The memorial for my father is at

On the page above, I, and also guests, can add questions and memories to add to this We Remember page.  Below the text above, there is a button for "Sharing Options" which include sending me an email with a link to the memorial that I can forward, a link to post it on Facebook, or copy the memorial link to my Windows clipboard.

6)  There is a list of options on a dropdown menu under the username (top right corner of the page), which enables me to:

*  Edit Memorial
*  Privacy and content settings
*  My account

7)  I needed to edit the profile to add more detail to the "Profile" and "Obituary" sections.  I clicked on the "Edit Memorial" link on the dropdown menu:

 I edited the Headline" section on the "Profile" page above.

I clicked on the "Obituary" link on the screen above (next to the underlined "Profile" link, and edited the "Obituary:"

I'm done for now, so I clicked on the "Save" button and the profile was saved.  I received an email that said the memorial was activated.

8)  I clicked through, and was able to see the entire memorial:

9)  I have not worked with the Sharing, Guestbook and other options yet.  I may report on it in a future blog post.

10)  All in all, this was very easy to create, add content, edit content, and post.  

I will wait a while to create more memorials.  I will add more memories to the memorials from the photos I have of my mother and father over time.

I have already sent links to my daughters and my brothers to encourage them to ask questions and/or add memories themselves.

If this works out well, I can add tributes for many of my ancestors - that's why I'm doing the 52 Ancestors biographies!

11)  I wonder if Ancestry will eventually permit digital audio or digital video clips for memories of persons. I would also like an option to save the memorial page as a PDF so that I can save it to my own computer system and back it up so that I don't lose it in case Ancestry decides to remove this feature in the future.  A mobile app would be nice to have also to show the grandkids about their ancestors.  Hopefully, Ancestry will eventually add a search function so a user could search for specific persons to determine if there already is a memorial for their ancestor.

Since it is FREE, I encourage other users to try it out.  This may be something of interest and use to you.


Disclosure:  I have always had a fully paid subscription. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

Copyright (c) 2017, Randall J. Seaver

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Jeff Jahn said...

Going to be interesting to see, when they add the ability to search how it will work and what effect it might have on duplicate memorials. I like it but alas also not getting family to participate in it like i was hoping. If i remember correctly I didnt have to created a acct. I just had to log in with my ancestry email and password.